When I think of put culture I do think of music. There is a lot music out in the world today. Many people are influenced by music they tune in to. Mostly because they want to copy their favorite artist or because they experience that’s a way of expressing themselves and appropriate in with the individuals that are into the same music. It’s also a method to find comparable things to others who listen to different music. Teenagers my grow older are mostly in hip-hop and R&B.


Hip-hop I believe is among the most popular sort of music that is certainly listened to by the public. Nelly for example is an R&B artist and he dons Air Force Nike’s, big jerseys, and Mitch John vogue. When you look around in my university you are likely to see many boys putting on the same thing. An additional artist is usually Fabulous who also likes to put on fitted shelves, and many males are putting on the same kind of caps.

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Now people who tend to listen to pop music like N’Sync and Britney Spears are likely to wear layer toe trainers and costume sort of preppy with mild colors. People that listen to alternate music just like Papa Cockroach and Slipknot tend to use big ill fitting pants and baby buy-ins on their carriers with incredibly colorful curly hair. Another way people let music influence these people is the terminology or slang they use. For example Nelly can be an musician from St Louis, and because of his accent, he admits that here it sounds like he could be saying “herre. The way men call their friends “dog and “nigga are also uses of slang that hip-hop artists make use of. With pop music there’s more of an accent if they speak like a preppy, peachy, happy audio.

Alternative music is usually harsh and people who listen to alternative music tend to have a difficult tough accent with much more cursing than normal. Another way that individuals become affected by their music is what appears to interest all of them. People who pay attention to hip-hop are mainly interested in the “ice (jewelry) “gear (clothing) and “ride (car). Folks who tend to pay attention to pop music, who are mostly girls I would personally say, are interested in the shopping center, and bleaching their hair. It can not usually very appropriate, but Now i am just speaking out of my knowledge. So many people do know what I mean when I say that music impact on the way people act plus the way people carry themselves. I know that not all is true but more often than not people duplicate artists only to feel good and also fit in with other people, because the truth is nobody wants to be only.


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