In this report it will look into at least three recent health education campaigns and use them to clarify two models of behaviour alter. The three latest health education campaigns will be ‘Smoke Free’, ‘Change4Life’ and ‘FRANK’. The 2 models of actions change is definitely the theory of reasoned actions and the levels of change model. For the health mentor to carry out their role effectively, they need to understand the challenging processes which can influence someone to change all their behaviour.


This theory gives an outline that examines the thinking which strengthen behaviours. It suggests that the most important cause of an individual’s behaviour is usually behaviour intention. Behaviour purpose is the person’s intention to undertake a conduct and this depends upon their attitude and the subjective norm. The subjective tradition is the impacts of individuals in somebody’s social environment prove intention to perform the specific behaviour. If an specific believes the fact that outcome of taking on a behaviour will probably be positive, they may have a positive attitude towards the particular behaviour.

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If other individuals who are important to the face also believe that this behavior change is definitely positive, then the positive very subjective norm is created. By having a mixture of both the specific believing the results of adopting the conduct will be great and other people believing the behaviour change is positive, it will be more likely that the person will follow the health advice. The stages of change style The periods of alter model says that the technique of behaviour modify can be broken down into five stages.

The five periods are pre-contemplation, contemplation, planning, action and maintenance. Pre-contemplation is when there is no purpose to change behaviour in the near future. At this point individuals are unaware at all or perhaps not aware enough of their problems. Contemplation can be when individuals are aware that a problem is there and therefore are seriously considering overcoming their very own problem however they have not but made commitment to do something to fix the issue. At the level of preparing individuals are intending to do something about it in the near future, however have never done anything about it just lately.

At the stage of actions individuals produce changes to their very own behaviour, encounters or environment so that they can get over their concerns. This needs a lot of determination of time and energy. Protection is the level when persons work to stop relapse and build what they include gained during action. The model is often shown as being a wheel and some individuals may have to go through the process many times to hit your objectives in leaving behind the cycle and attaining a steady and maintained changed behaviour. The following picture displays the steering wheel of the periods of conduct change:

Smoke cigarettes Free The following hyperlink should be to an online version of the Smoke Free wellness education marketing campaign: http://smokefree. nhs. uk/advice-and-information/behind-the-campaign/ The Smoke Free of charge health education campaign uses the theory of reasoned actions model of conduct change. The campaign should encourage those who smoke to quit smoking. If an individual who cigarettes views the Smoke Free of charge campaign they could realise that if they will quit smoking it will have a positive influence on their health and prevent causing serious injury.

If they actually believe that the results of following a health advice provided by the Smoke Totally free campaign will probably be positive, by way of example it will decrease their risk of developing disease, disability or perhaps death due to cancer, heart or lung disease, it is going to reduce their particular risk of gangrene or amputation caused by circulatory problems, it can improve male fertility levels but it will surely improve their inhaling and health etc . They may therefore have got a positive frame of mind towards the behavior of halting smoking.

Others who are important for the individual who is usually considering quitting smoking might also view the marketing campaign and believe that the outcome in the person preventing smoking will be positive, one example is it will guard the health of all those around the individual by certainly not exposing these to second-hand smoking. By the person having a positive attitude as well as the positive subjective norm, the individual will be more likely to follow the advice given by the Smoke cigars Free advertising campaign and quit smoking. The Smoke Free campaign also uses the phases of alter model.

For the individual is attempting to quit cigarette smoking they will feel the stages of change cycle. At the level of pre-contemplation the individual whom smokes will not have goal to change their very own behaviour, although they are not aware or perhaps not aware enough of the harm that cigarette smoking can cause for their body and the smoking issue. At the level of careful consideration the individual may start becoming which they have a issue with their smoking and they are really considering blocking smoking nevertheless they have not but made dedication to do something special in trying to stop smoking.

At the preparation stage they may be intending to do something positive about trying to give up smoking very soon, but they have not done anything however. At the action stage the makes becomes their behaviour, so that they can defeat their smoking cigarettes problem, for example completely preventing smoking, slowly but surely cutting down on smoking cigarettes, using cigarette smoking replacement remedies such as pure nicotine patches, smoking gum, inhalators etc .

At the maintenance stage the individual will work to try and stop starting cigarette smoking again plus they look at what they have received during the action of changing their particular behaviour by simply quitting smoking cigarettes, such as their very own health improving. The individual is probably not successful with stopping smoking on this occasion, they could relapse and begin smoking once again, so they may have to go throughout the process frequently before that they completely quit smoking . Change4Life The hyperlink below is to an online variation of the Change4Life health education campaign: http://www. hs. uk/Change4Life/Pages/change-for-life. aspx Someone may stick to the advice which the Change4Life well being education plan provides, if they are overweight. The campaign tries to encourage individuals to become more energetic, eat much healthier, drink less alcohol and so forth to prevent people from turning into seriously heavy, which can increase individuals chances of having heart disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus and a few cancers etc . The Change4Life health education campaign uses the theory of reasoned actions model of behaviour change.

In the event that an individual who can be may be over weight sees the Change4Life campaign they may appreciate the harm that weight problems can cause and in addition they might realise that if perhaps they stick to the advice of Change4Life it could have positive effects. If the person does assume that by following the advice provided by the Change4Life campaign it will eventually result in great outcomes, one example is their pounds reduces, their fitness levels improve, the likelihood of them growing conditions just like heart disease, diabetes mellitus type 2 mellitus and cancers lower etc . they may have an optimistic attitude on the behaviour of losing weight.

Other individuals who are vital that you the person that is considering slimming down might also see the campaign and believe it will eventually result in great outcomes pertaining to the person attempting to lose weight. By the individual who wants to lose fat having a great attitude and the individuals who are vital that you them likewise being positive, the likelihood of anybody following the wellness advice furnished by the Change4Life campaign and losing weight will be bigger. The Change4Life health education campaign as well applies the stages of change version.

When a person is trying to manage your weight they may feel the stages of change circuit. To begin with the individual may not include any objective to change their very own behaviour since they might not really be aware at all or entirely aware of the harm that being overweight may cause and their excess weight problem, which can be the pre-contemplation stage. They might start turning into aware that they actually have a weight trouble and they are significantly considering reducing your weight, however they have not yet produced commitment to complete something about trying to lose weight, which is the contemplation stage.

At the stage of planning the person is intending to do something about losing weight, however they have not completed anything just lately. At the action stage the person makes becomes their actions, so that they can overcome their excess weight problem, including increasing all their exercise amounts, changing their diet to generate it better, reducing their alcohol intake etc . In the stage of maintenance anybody will work in an attempt to prevent themselves putting excess weight back on and they look again at what they have gained during the actions of changing their very own behaviour by simply losing weight.

Below is a hyperlink to an online version in the FRANK health education campaign: http://www. talktofrank. com/ FRANK supports a poor00 a medication addiction, to help them overcome their problems. The FRANK well being education marketing campaign uses the theory of reasoned action model of behaviour alter. If someone who has a medicine addiction sights the HONEST health education campaign they might recognise that they have a problem and the addiction might cause serious trouble for their body system and they might also realise that if they follow the guidance that HONEST gives, cause positive effects.

If they believe that by following the advice given by FRANK will cause positive effects, such as their overall health improving, can be improve their social life and mental overall health etc . they might have an optimistic attitude towards the behaviour of stopping currently taking drugs. Other people who are important for the individual who is definitely thinking about preventing taking drugs may also view the campaign and believe it will have positive effects for the individual planning to stop currently taking drugs. Simply by both the person who wants to quit taking drugs and the very subjective norm creating a positive frame of mind it may mean that the person will minimize taking drugs.

The FRANK health education campaign also definitely uses the periods of change model. For the individual tries to stop choosing drugs each goes through the phases of change cycle. To begin with the individual is probably not planning to alter their behaviour, as they are not aware or unaware enough of the damage that taking drugs can do and that they include a medicine problem. This is actually the pre-contemplation level. They may then begin getting aware that they actually have a drug problem and they are taking into consideration stopping currently taking drugs, nevertheless they have not fully commited themselves to complete something about preventing taking medicines yet.

This is the contemplation stage. At the prep stage the is intending to do something about stopping taking medications, however they never have done anything at all yet. The individual may then generate changes to their very own, to help them get over their medicine problem, for example starting to receive talking remedies when they may talk about their drug problem, motivational treatment approaches, intellectual behavioural remedy, group therapy, being recommended a more secure alternative/substitute for the problem or perhaps drug, such as methadone instead of heroin. This is the action stage.

At the level of repair the individual will continue to work to try and end themselves relapsing by taking medications again and find what they have attained throughout the actions of not taking medications. The person may have to go through the procedure several times before they are effective in completely recovering from their very own drug dependency. Not all of us have the same capability to change their very own health behaviours. This is due to social and monetary factors. The social and economic context can impact the ability of health education campaigns to improve behaviour in relation to health.


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