In my opinion, “Friend” is really important for me. I can live without computer system and TELEVISION SET but I actually can’t live without “friend” the person that is sharing my personal mood with me at night whenever I am just happy or sad and I have “her” my really best friend who has nice presence, good persona and Now i am very happy i can be friend with her. My best friend is definitely My Mother. She’s pretty, good looking and does not talk excessive with the individual that she will not know very well.

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(Strangers) When you see her first-time you might think she has hard to get along with, nevertheless actually in case you understand will be aware of that it basically like the things you see. This wounderful woman has a good smile, fun, funny, have big fluffy cheeks and quite, which will make persons want to be friends with her when they see her. Additionally , my mother is a responsible person. Your woman always manages her jobs well and finishes the job on time.

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She actually is hard working and organized. The girl can control the time very well and everything is in her schedule. Additionally, she’s trusted sometime I am going to tell her a lot of secrets and she can keep the secret very well and will not talk to others about it. I believe she is an extremely nice friend. She is and so considerate and generous i admire her and understand her since my best friend. The girl taught myself how to be a nice person since I had been a little young lady. She comforted me and helped me fix problems?nternet site was in difficulty. She encouraged me after i hesitated. To ensure that she is my own first educator who trained me a lot of things and in addition my best friend who also supports me all the time. I know my mom since my best friend. The lady solves my own troubles beside me and guides me to brightness.

The girl comforts me as I are sad for achieveing quarrel with others. She actually is always sufferer to listen to myself and then show me what I did wrong. Not just that, she also facilitates me and encourages myself so that I will not give in easily. I appreciate my mom, the girl taught me a lot as being a teacher, and she facilitates me since my best friend. She not only takes care of her relatives very well although also is an effective business girl. I’m and so proud to acquire her while my mom. We admire her and value her and also appreciate for what she performed for me. I really like my mom forever! What is more, my mom is a great friend for me. She’s anybody who recognizes me well. She’s always beside me when Now i am upset, tune in to me that help me each time when I need help.

When I include problem she is going to give me a lot of advices that help me to fix the problem. Even though I don’t understand in the lessons she described patiently, for me to understand each and every time. I think Now i am really lucky that I possess my mom as my best friend and Now i’m very happy we are friends and i believe we will be good friends forever. In summary, I think my friend is a wonderful person. This wounderful woman has good physical appearance, personality and I’m happy that I could be friend with my mom who is cute, responsible and always assist in everything.

Finally, I do believe a friend is really important for me and I hope our relationship continue to grow. One thing the girl always informs me is, “The roots of education are bitter, nevertheless the fruit can be sweet. ” However , in the event you hold on and press your way through your prize will be greater than your hurdles. The nice fruit of education will probably be you walking across that stage, listening to your family shout your name, and receiving your level.

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