friends and family health analysis essay



Is considered the all-natural and critical unit from the society. The family members from the family being a structure. Friends and family includes people of different age bracket from infants to elders. The family’s activities and reactions effect the habits of the family as a whole (Edelman, Kudzma, & Mandle 2014, p. 2014). The ultimate aim of the medical is to speed up the health of the family. Friends and family health examination defines the assessment of actual and potential problem of person (Gordan 1994).

The goal of medical is providing direct and indirect care to the person and community in terms of analysis, diagnosis, nursing interventions, rendering and evaluation. Historically conceptual models are using to assess the family in nursing practice.

Health assessment included with subjective and objective data. In this article Gordan’s 11 functional wellness assessment patterns are using to evaluate this family. The Gordon’s functional assessment patterns certainly are a valuable application for determining and considering the family’s traditional well being patterns, and permitting the care supplier to look at the inside of the all around health of the particular family.

Family Qualifications

The friends and family I picked belongs to a great African cultural group. This essay discuss the health style and features of Nyennoh’s family. This can be a indivisible family with mother of age 32 father 34 and three children of age groupings eleven years of age boy, eight years old young lady and five years old boy. Both of the fogeys are working, and splitting their particular days to taking care of your children. Mother can be working as being a nurse in the hospital for three days and father doing work as a breathing therapist in the neighborhood medical center forthree days and nights. They all gonna neighborhood institution. Among their three children eight year old young lady is diagnosed with sickle cell anemia since her birth. They are really Christians and true believers in God. “Values and Health understanding means the degree of the individual’s level of determination to maintain health” (Gordon 1994).

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This particular family is very efficient to handle their day time today living effectively regardless of health issues. That they both in wellness field, that they know how to manage the condition and their perception of sickle cellular anemia is great. Assessment of nutritional position is the the consumption of healthy meals pattern and adequate sum of healthy food. Types of food such as growth and development with the family and limitations and problems about their notion of well being. They keep healthy eating habits through having restrictions. Their particular main foodstuffs include vegetables, rice, fish and fruits. They are very attentive to harmony their diet plan to prevent anemia as a relatives. Parents usually encourage children to eat healthy food and beverage plenty of normal water to keep them healthy particularly the girl with sickle cellular anemia. Satisfactory rest and sleep is crucial to maintain good health. Inadequate rest may lead to physiological problem and psychological complications.

A person should rest average 6-8 hours at night. Nyennoh’s family has no sleep deprivation. Each goes to foundation at on the lookout for o’clock and get up 6th o’clock each morning. They have a good sleeping style so they will never make use of any medicine to induce sleep. The elimination pattern is may differ in specific. This family is not going through any urinary or bowel problems. There is no evidence of diarrhea or congestion in the relatives. Bowel motions and on a regular basis in every day. Parents always take special attention to the children to avoid congestion especially lady with sickle cell low blood count to prevent any cuts and bruises. To take care of the concept of overall health activity and exercise style are the powerful indicator of individual’s life. This is very active. They are very particular about activity and exercise. They go for walks day-to-day as a friends and family 30 minutes inside the neighborhood or park. The girl with sickle cell has its own restrictions to away from strenuous activities to prevent any lacks or joint pain or cuts or bruises. She is a very knowledgeable girl regarding her condition.

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