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Learn Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn is a glowing example in the military. Given birth to on twenty-five June 1975 in Columbus, her armed forces career started 18 The fall of 1993 when ever Master Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn joined the armed service and went through Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC. For her it seemed like the right choice, an easy choice. She desired to serve the region that she loves. Thus she began her journey that day and later went to Advance Person Training by Fort Shelter, VA being a 92A Materials Storage and Handling Professional. Just two years later, in 1995, your woman graduated through the Warrior Head Course. Her path carried on an up trajectory in addition to 199 the girl took on the Advanced Frontrunners Course, graduating from it and the Senior Innovator Course in 2005 in Fort Lee, VA.

The lady was not only driven once she successfully completed these kinds of courses. The girl showed her intelligence, her push for quality devoid of diminishing her energy and gusto for lifetime. Later the lady showed all those qualities by simply graduating near the top of her course in 3 years ago in the 1st Sergeant’s Course as a 92A5M2B. Just to demonstrate level of capacity Master Sergeant Tamika D. Wynn exhibited, her NCO Evaluation Information demonstrated not merely excellence in competence, physical fitness, and leadership, but in addition, she scored at the top of her exams. Her 1998 evaluation confirmed she won a 293 on her APFT. She designed itinerary and visit to Bosnia and central Germany intended for the Aviation Branch Control Sergeant Main. Another analysis from 99 states the girl was identified by the Athens and The french language Military intended for Partnership attempts and continuing to have confident marks in both her leadership and her skills.

Master Sergeant Tamika D. Wynn can be described as strong, competent, intelligent, and noble innovator. She is rarity in this world. In which most people fail to even meet a fraction of what she has completed, she stands tall, far above the rest. She is one of the most amazing women in existence, amazing people out there. Because the girl with more than just a person, she’s a role model, someone to admire and admit as a the case leader. Throughout the years the girl proved one other key aspect of being a excellent leader and that is consistency.

Her evaluations year in year out demonstrated her skills repeatedly. She better her APFT score to 300 and scored that in 1999, 2k, all the way through the past few years. She ongoing to have markings of quality in not merely competence and leadership, although also responsibility and responsibility. She preserved 100% liability of equipment respected at over $500, 000 and was awarded in 200, the V Corps Physical Fitness 300 Club Certificate. That level dedication, willpower, that is what leads to impressive consistency.

Stability is a thing that is respected in the military. People those that can remain solid, strong, even in the face adversity, in the face of disaster. Learn Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn is that ordinary that the army is so grateful to have. In 2002, her evaluation explained she was promoted to battalion-level staff because of her expertise and her popularity. They had written she is a great role style in appearance and bearing. Allow it to sink those words: “in appearance and bearing. ” She would not just look the part; she acts that component.

So many people merely pretend to become something that they are not. Grasp Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn is what the lady seems to be. The girl with capable. She actually is trustworthy. She is in many ways a hero. It is not because the girl looks a particular way. That is just the icing on the wedding cake. No, it truly is her interesting depth, her knowledge, her knowledge. That is what sets her apart from everyone else. She is the full cake, topping and all. It is a little unusual using that image, but in reality that is the only picture that can be considered. Cakes are being used in get-togethers, marking a feat. They are mark of riches and delight. Master Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn brought a lot of joy and success towards the United States Armed forces. Her hard work is and will be permanently acknowledged.

Apart from being an exceptional role setting, she acquired and includes a higher standard that the girl applies not only to herself, but for others. Your woman pushes soldiers to stand out, telling these people they can do more. She keeps a positive frame of mind. Maintaining a good attitude easy in everyday life. Being a section of the military is difficult. non-e of it is easy. However , Master Sgt Tamika M. Wynn makes it worthwhile. The girl encourages, the lady pushes, and she allows her military know they will do it. They will achieve all their goals. She achieved her goals. And she remains an creativity to many.

Advancement is another crucial ingredient to successful command. In the year 2003, she developed a PT system that motivated soldiers and increased the platoon PT average via 245 to 260. Comments on her evaluation stated she was an exceptional role model with an immaculate physical appearance. She was enthusiastic, enthusiastic, and required lead in unit health training. Not only this, but your woman was chosen over all her peers to serve as the Battalion PBO NCOIC. To mentor almost 8 Supply Sergeants in effective supply functions and prepare and implement consistent superior quality Battalion Low Density MOS Training for all supply personnel within the same year, that must have taken significant amounts of energy, planning, and imagination. Creativity is what fuels advancement in people.

Master Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn is a great innovator. She is creative. Your woman applies her creativity in a practical and efficient manner. She cares for you. She cares about the people your woman mentors. She cares about those that look to her for direction. She is the one that people find as the face that can not only lead, but also inspire. Sometimes motivation does not need to appear solely at work. It could appear during play. Expert Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn motivated troops on the device volleyball staff. She competed both as a part and instructor of the team. Her 2004 evaluation brings she is a genuine leader and inspired her soldier to always do more and consistently set the example in most that the girl did.

Along with innovation, creativity, motivation comes powerful management. Learn Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn from the beginning recognized how to handle budgets and applied that knowledge to the retaining organizational, unit installation, expendable, and squad products valued around $10, 500, 000. A good leader also knows that safety is important. She usually emphasizes security, which triggered zero accidence and DUIs in her squad in 2004-2005. She is trust worthy. She’s dependable. She’s loyal. Learn Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn is everything that embodies not just a leader, nevertheless the leader.

Her evaluation reports show just how positive and great of your person your woman was available. However , right now there also occasions in her life that show how she great she was and is off duty. A large number of people inside their spare time choose to relax by pool, sip some beer, eat a few barbecue. The lady coached the Women’s Community Level Recreational softball Team in 1997 as well as the Unit Level Consolidated In a number of Softball Group that same season. Think of how tough that is for 2 people to carry out. Now envision one person performing it. Now envision one boy or girl doing it. Many young people might like to do stupid items not her. Master Sergeant Tamika T. Wynn performed what few-people could carry out. She volunteered her the perfect time to coach that help others. Who that? Perhaps a super leading man? She is a super hero. She needs to have her personal TV show.

In the event that people can all her accomplishments, and perhaps they are so many, complete encyclopedias would be written about her life. She gets done so much. Helped a lot of people. She at one stage assisted in successfully seeing, coaching, and training 28 Tactical Escolta Operations for the A/701 BSB. These types of soldiers had been deployed to Afghanistan. Getting sent to an unsound country just like Afghanistan can be scary. Many people can’t take care of that kind of stress. But to have an individual there that may be kind, proficient, effective put together them, teach them, guidebook them, Master Sergeant Tamika L. Wynn was that person, is that person.

It is not just her leadership that inspires others. This wounderful woman has all these qualities, but they control from two core talents. During certainly one of her initial award tips back in 1994, back when the girl was Tamika L. Jamison, they observed something exceptional in her. She can adapt. The girl could learn quickly. “During pre-deployment to Haiti, with out NCO guidance, SPC Jamison effectively planned and closely watched the publish of the device supply area while assisting the unit armour with guns inventories and issue intended for both mobile phone support clubs. ” This was towards the starting of her career. Who that? The type of person does that? A person made of the ‘special stuff’. The kind of items that makes heroes, that makes tales.

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