Sigmund Freud was born in 1856; this individual lived almost all of his your life in Vienna.

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His family were Legislation so was brought in a spiritual faith. Freud fled the Nazi’s in London then died the following season on the 23rd of Sept. 2010 1939. He was an atheist. He noticed himself while “The Godless Jew”.

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He rejected the two America and Religion. Freud had a Neurotic and obsessional character. Freud’s view on religious belief was a form of neurotic illness.

Freud believed that religious activities bear a striking resemblance to the actions of a neurotic person. Neurotic conditions just like OCD do it again actions which will. Primal Gruppe Theory, Freud’s principle contribution was the thought of the tough of the old fashioned horde “one day, the brothers who’ve been driven out, came together killed and devoured their daddy and so produced an end towards the patriarchal gruppe.

The leader was killed out of jealously, as he was taking each of the women. In guilt for the killing of their father figure they put up a Representation, symbol or perhaps animal which can be believed that their heart is inside in place of all their father figure. Sense of guilt was eventually paid of by praying or sacrificing to them Totem.

Over millions of years the Representation becomes Our god, guilt after that passed. The Totem can be considered sacred and must be protected. After a yr the animal believed to be the Representation could be killed then eaten. The Oedipus complex, Freud believed that everyone experienced a remarkable trauma that was the Oedipus complex.

This is when a boy at the age of six may have sexual wishes for his mother and wants to kill his dad, in jealousy. The weanling child utilized to having their mother’s interest, where the sexual desire is transferred

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