The biological perspective and social learning

I am going to measure the biological point of view and sociable learning theory (SLT) because my 2 psychological approaches to health and interpersonal care service provisions. The biological strategy is a very closed minded as it may only really be used in healthcare settings as this is what it was designed for there are many types of health care: inside the GP surgical procedure it can be used as the main points in the theory is the fact medication must be used to cure illnesses and that is the GP’s main part, to suggest drugs to cure illness and disease, both the theory and the DOCTOR will use medication as the key cure.


That they both likewise believe that you will discover 2 primary causes of disease and disease the 1st cause can be genes/DNA they believe that what you inherit from your household is the reason for most illnesses and diseases and the other trigger is a chemical imbalance in the brain they believe that if you didn’t receive the disease it must be because of an imbalance.

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The natural approach could also be used by healthcare professionals in a medical setting such as a hospital each uses it when treating sufferers with medication as they don’t really have very much input inside the diagnosis stage of the illness then they avoid really glance at the causes pertaining to the illness, genes/DNA and chemical imbalances. Will probably be used by all professionals in health care options as this is what they are taught when ever learning the profession, this will be by consultants to practice nurses.

The biological way can be used softly in a interpersonal care environment, such as a primary school or day care center, very little nevertheless one aspect in the theory that can be used is Gesell’s maturation theory as it will help social proper care professionals recognize whether a child is following a norms of growing up such as going for walks and talking by a particular age and it helps to get virtually any unseen circumstances noticed in your child so as it might be treated/cured early on so significantly less of a long lasting effect on the child’s health and well-being.

The consequence of shift work affects various health and cultural care pros that work evening shifts, one example is nurses for health care and care residence carers intended for social proper care, an unpleasant physical side effect happen due to our biological rhythms being interrupted for example the temperature goes downwhen were sleepy and this means that evening shift employees who are tiered will be cold which in turn isn’t a extremely good to help them concentrate on the job at hand. This is certainly part of the neurological approach that affects both health and sociable care professionals in a bad way.

occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and all sorts of various other therapists within a health care profession will use both the biological approach and sociable learning theory they use the biological strategy when looking at the cause as well as SLT as they can see that 2 weeks . genetic point that is leading to the problem, just like Parkinson’s disease, and they also work with social learning theory since you can learn something such as the way you walk from a relative even though there is absolutely no genetic link to this, electronic. g. muscle tissue problems in the feet with parents might lead to them to walk in a certain approach and the children could have not any muscle problems but still walk the same way because of learning this kind of as a child.

Cultural learning theory (SLT) can be used in a large number of settings both in the health care and social treatment sides. A lot of health care settings are mentioned previously but it can also be used in other folks, it can be used within a GP surgical treatment as some GP’s do take a look at other causes for disease for example the environmental causes such as pollution and damp/poor enclosure causing asthma and other difficult. When GP’s prescribe medicine they could be subsequent both methods as they are following a biological way in the first place when ever prescribing the medication but when they prescribe the medicines they could be like a positive part model to get the patient as they are promoting health through pushing them to take those medication to cure the illness/disease. This is the GP following both the biological approach and social learning theory. So when nurses supply the medication towards the patient they are also being a positive role version and therefore using both methods.

Social learning theory works extremely well in cultural care settings much more within health care configurations as more aspects of SLT follow regarding a sociable environment, such as a primary college it can be used in this setting as teachers could be positive part models too in the concept that they promote goodbehaviour and smart dress/uniforms. SLT could also be used in many different social proper care settings such as day care centres for example useful to them the self-fulfilling prophecy part of SLT in the idea of telling a child that they will be good and well behaved it might influence them to stay/go this way in future life due to the fact that this has caught in their mind and they want to fulfil this idea.

In could also be used in a exceptional school for youngsters with further needs, like in Pathfields College in Barnstaple as they make use of self-fulfilling prophecy in a great way, we saw this when about work experience once swimming like the child required part in a swimming competition at the end from the year chances are they would get a medal or rosette whatever place they will came while this was reasonable as well as the reality they would not feel like a loser and thus bad at swimming and therefore stick to this kind of negative label and never swimming again or have low self-esteem when it comes to competitions due to the fact that they lost this one.

The neurological approach basically very effective in social attention settings in terms of behavioural issues such as ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER as the individuals who would prescribe medication such as Ritalin, GP’s, as they no longer see the a result of it when in cultural care establishing such as a institution so therefore they think it’s the greatest course of action for any treatment but when in actual fact is actually not perfect for this child. Whereas social learning theory can manage behavioural problems in a very positive way such as self-fulfilling prophecy as with behavioural issues you can be tempted to call them naughty but this could have a negative effect on the kid’s future behaviour as they could have this seriously considered themselves because of being referred to as it once and therefore they may become worse and so no treatment or volume of help can deal with this problem. Another point that SLT will tell you is that they duplicated this behavior from friends and family or close friends in school as they believe in learning from observation.

All facets of each theory links in with either a wellness or social care setting or possibly actually both, by way of example observational learning may be put into both equally health and sociable care configurations as in a health setting it could influence individuals to duplicate the behaviors that they start to see the doctor perform and the same idea for pupils duplicating the actions of the teachers, this is a positive aspect of Bandura’s theory of observational learning. Role models and self-fulfilling prophecy have already been discussed for both equally settings, and the last facet of SLT is role theory, in a medical care setting this can be a nurse taking on the position of being warm, kind, caring and competent, and in a social attention setting it might be the idea of a teacher becoming wise, useful, knowledgeable and experienced.

While using biological theory all the aspects can be utilized in a overall health setting although not always in a social care setting. Maturation theory (Gesell), and work shift patterns have both been explained for both health and social care settings but other areas of the natural theory including medication is the cure for every thing, genes/DNA and chemical imbalances are the cause for illness and disease can simply be actually placed in a health establishing as most cultural care configurations have a more holistic approach where they look at the bigger picture like the SLT does. This is why i think social learning theory is the better theory as they can be used in a much wider sum of settings to help explain everything from illness/disease to describing negative behaviors such as behavioural issues in children or bipolar in adults.


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