Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct Essay


Causes ethics and integrity are very important for a police chief or perhaps county sheriff.

In today’s society, it is far from an easy job being a state sheriff or possibly a police main. The contemporary society has become over-critical of police force and the person on top of the chain of command features fully responsibility of all activities on him/her since there are responsible for making the important decisions as to what can be morally straight (Perez & Moore, 2012). How the law enforcement officials relate to the population since they must have the self confidence of the public to ensure community policing job.

Ethics and integrity are essential to a police chief since they help him make day by day decisions in the police force. A number of the unethical behavior that cops engage contain; theft, more than speeding, improper use of open public office and excessive make use of force. The set code of execute will help a police key to deal with the officers who have are involved in unethical behavior without splendour or problem. Ethics can help police chief in making crucial decisions inside the force.

Determining duties to be able to officers will need the chief to follow ethics and assign responsibilities to officials according for their performance and not discriminate various other officers. This will likely ensure there exists equality in the force that can greatly contribute to the overall performance with the force. Once there is ethics from the older persons other representatives will follow fit making the entire force even more productive in performing their very own duties.

Integrity and honesty will also support a police chief to report instances from his force with honesty to his seniors. This will ensure that he reviews truthfully of all of the activities of his state. This will cause a proper marriage with the elderly people and this helps in the positive development of the force.

When ethics and integrity are utilized in the pressure it enhances the public self confidence with the push which in turn enhances the collaboration of the community and law enforcement in struggling crime. Difference between integrity, integrity and morality inside law enforcement. Integrity refers to your feeling entire and unbroken by ones actions. It’s the quality of being honest and morally vertical (Killinger, 2010). A authorities office has to be honest in his actions and be ready to tell the truth.

He should not be involved in activities that would wreck his sincerity and in the procedure damage his reputation. Integrity refers to a set code of execute. Each occupation has it is ethics which can be accepted common of what is desirable and undesirable. It truly is what is deemed by the culture to be good or bad behavior of the person or an organization. Ethics may also include a identified basis of willpower including exemption (Bonhoeffer & Clifford, 2005).

A officer should always be moral and not be engaged in activities like excessive utilization of force or perhaps abuse in the public workplace which is dishonest and could ruin the image of the police to the general public. Morality on the other side refers to the capacity of a person to differentiate between right and incorrect. This significantly helps cops while making decisions which can be spot on. Officials need to be morally upright to make certain in all the scenarios they can separate what is correct or incorrect and take the necessary actions.

Ways a police main or state sheriff will need to use ethics and the code of perform in making decisions. A police is always offered decisions through which he needs to be ethical when coming up with them. One of these is when assigning obligations to various other officers. This individual needs to designate duties to the officers according to their skills and not to discriminate, model, assigning his friends the easy jobs readily available.

He is has to be ethical when dealing with the cases that happen to be reported. This individual should not discriminate if this individual knows the accused or perhaps if they are relatives and all the rules should affect every felony regardless of the relationship with him. By being honest, the public standard of confidence increases and dealing with the police turns into easier seeing that there is trust between the two (Josephson, 2009). References

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