vincent van gogh s lifestyle and work in art


Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was quoted while saying “I put my heart and my soul into my personal work, and also have lost my thoughts in the process” (2017). He’s often recalled as the artist who have cut off his own ear, giving credence to his own statements. Mental health issues aside, Van Gogh is also one of the most completed artists of all time. Despite certainly not gaining any significant fame until after his loss of life, the creations he offered the world with have allowed him to garner a slice of proverbial growing old.


Vincent can Gogh was born 03 30, 1853 to Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Cornelia Carbentus, the oldest of six children (Biography. com Publishers 2017). The family occupied Groot-Zundert Netherlands. At the age of 12-15, he remaining school to help his family members financially, and he began employed by his granddad, an art seller. He was therefore fired coming from his placement due to instability following a passionate rejection.

Vehicle Gogh identified religion as being a calling subsequent his termination. He taught at a Methodist school for males, and later like a minister to get the Church of Belgium (Biography. com Editors 2017). Van Gogh was treated of his duties from both positions due to not complying together with the general ideologies of the churches, at the college because he rejected to take an exam instructed to become a minister, and via his appointment with the Cathedral of Athens for his own views and attitudes.

Facing several intimate and specialist rejections, Vincent van Gogh saw a large number of periods of depression. His only mentioned reciprocated relationship was which has a prostitute called Clasina Nancy Hoornik (Biography Editors 2017). She served not only as his companion for a time, but was also a unit and muse. Ultimately, the lady elected to revert with her previous job, leaving vehicle Gogh in a deep express of depressive disorder. This caused him to delve more deeply into art in mother nature, adopting a nomadic way of life through the backwoods for 6 weeks.

In 1886, van Gogh decided to move to Paris. After arrival having been so motivated by impressionist art that he made a decision to immerse him self in examine of the genre. He involved in self-study with the movement and techniques, developing working associations with other notable artists including Camille Pissarro and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (Biography. com Editors 2017). Van Gogh soon created issues with his consorts even though, criticizing all their work. He soon after relocated to Arles, Italy based upon the recommendation of Toulouse-Lautrec, as a result of van Gogh’s interest in Western art. It had been during this time that his mental health truly deteriorated. Having been noted to eat paint and drink turpentine, as he chose to spend his money upon art items instead of foodstuff (Biography. com Editors 2017). After quarrelling with a chaperone appointed by his brother Theo, Vincent did slice his headsets off, this kind of act caused his to get hospitalized within an asylum. 1n 1889, he elected to become confined in the asylum in answer to a open public petition due to his mental health (Biography. com Publishers 2017). During his time in the asylum, inspired by the gardens and nearby landscapes, van Gogh created many of his most popular works.

Truck Gogh remained at the asylum until 1890, when he transferred in with your doctor who decided to take Vincent on as being a patient. Truck Gogh resided with Dr . Gachet, who was also a great amateur painter, for only some months before taking his own your life. On Come july 1st 27, 90, Vincent van Gogh taken himself in the chest, and, died 2 days later from complications with the injury (Biography. com 2017). There was simply no definitive reason behind his committing suicide aside from unfounded financial worries.


In the lifetime, Vincent van Gogh created more than 2100 art works, including 860 oil works of art and over 1300 watercolors and sketches (Biography. com Publishers 2017). When this presents the degree of how deeply his art work consumed his life, it is crucial to note that his mom discarded various pieces of function. Additionally , his work did not achieve notoriety for more than 10 years following his death.

“The Potato Eaters”

His first major work, van Gogh painted “The Potato Eaters” in 1885. The piece of art in done in a dark and lifeless color pallet, and falls more inside the ‘realism’ genre of skill than his later functions, however , remarks of impressionist technique is visible throughout the piece. Often reported as symbolic of the status of poverty, the piece of art depicts five people, within a dimly lit room, gathered in regards to table for a meal (ArtStory 2017). The expression on their looks gives them character and even more complex character.

“Starry Night”

Discussing the painting in a letter he had written his buddy Theo, vehicle Gogh explained, “This morning I saw the countryside from my windows a long time before dawn, with nothing but the morning legend, which viewed very bright” (ArtStory 2017). Arguably vehicle Gogh’s most well-known work, “Starry Night” is definitely the epitome of impressionism. Van Gogh painted “Starry Night” by memory with this scene. Entrancing swirls of blues and white, it depicts a night scene, illuminated by the celestial body overhead and celebrities, with a cypress tree in the foreground. While many believe that the cypress trees, depicted to become flame-like in appearance, is associated with the connect between life and fatality (ArtStory 2017). However , this really is just one meaning, as van Gogh produced many pictures of cypress trees, most likely due to their frequency in the encircling landscape from the asylum exactly where van Gogh resided.


In similar style because “Starry Night”, van Gogh created two series of artwork known as “Sunflowers” during his stay at the asylum (ArtStory 2017). These types of works had been significant because van Gogh painted them using only three shades of yellow, done so to show that using slight difference could still produce graceful art (Van Gogh Art gallery 2017). The first series consisted of four paintings, designed in 1888, and the second just held one painting, done in 1898. Today these works of art are located in museums and galleries and museums around the world.

“Paul Ferdinand Gachet”

During his time coping with Dr . Gachet, van Gogh painted two portraits with the doctor, each with the same name and similar disguising, only different props. They are also done in impressionistic style. The paintings are significant since, much like “The Spud Eaters”, the painting provides so much more than simply what the subject matter is. One can see the depth of sentiment on Gachet’s face, the sadness and defeat projected.


In a letter to 1 of his sisters, truck Gogh published about creating self-portraits expressing, “I was looking for a further likeness than that received by a photographer” (Biography. com Editors 2017). Van Gogh created 43 self-portraits in a 10-year period, with mediums ranging from fresh paint to pen sketching. This individual believed that achieving an absolute representation of himself may well aid in ‘finding himself’, as a result of nature of looking further than imply precisely what is on the surface.


It really is clear through the sheer number of works of art this individual created that van Gogh was used by the ought to create. Creating works famous and celebrated more than 100 years after his death is no light task, yet almost all his life he by no means received the credit we give him today. His work embodies the perception of his period, and proved helpful to broaden upon that. There is no doubt that Vincent van Gogh was obviously a ‘madman who cut off his ear’, as he is awarded. But , he was a madman who developed some of the most prolific works of art the world had ever before seen.

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