Activism Awareness Essay


Do you consider celebrity activism is a positive or bad thing? That’s the question. To my opinion, I think celebrity activism provides a very confident effect on culture and should be a little more popular. Even more celebrities will need to become activists because activists have a lengthy successful record, celebrity workings helps attract attention to all different kinds of problems & activism gives celebrities an opportunity to make use of their riches for the great of some thing greater than themselves.

Celebrity figures really assists out the unlucky and gives back to the community. Seeing that a lot of celebrities received their celebrity from the followers & paparazzi, they should be saying thanks to them anyways. As you can see, superstar activism must be applauded as it stimulates awareness and allures attention to all different kinds of reasons.

First off, celeb activists had been successful for some time. According to the creators of the document, celebrities have got a “long history of using their fame to compliment their favorite triggers and charitable organizations, ” which usually shows that is has been powerful. (Chittom) This can be an important affirmation because it demonstrates that celebrities that really devote a chance to helping out triggers and situations result in a solid and positive way. As celebrity figures has been around for quite a while, that must imply something.

Figures wouldn’t continue to be around for this extended if it was pointless and is also ineffective about society. For instance , the article declares that inside the 1980s the overnight accomplishment of Music group Aid and USA to get Africa increased significant money for starvation relief in Africa. In the event that much improvement was made in the 1980s, think about how big of an effect movie star activism has on the world today. Secondly, movie star activism will help raise awareness for many diverse causes. This kind of being stated, celebrity workings helps draw attention to “environmental, medical, politics, and sociable issues. “(Chittom) One recognized activist who also raised consciousness for all kinds of classes is a great Irish singer, Bono.

He was part of a music group named Band Help. The group had a best selling single and everything profits traveled to famine comfort in Ethiopia. In 20 years, Bono has become the busiest and most involved movie star activists. Pase has been linked to raising consciousness for multiple of the categories I as listed above, along with a entire bunch of different activists.

And so if people think celeb activism simply helps out only one trigger, they’re wrong. As you can see, celebrity activism assists out a big variety of problems and issues. Lastly, celebrity activism offers celebrities a chance to use their particular fame to get something else besides benefiting themselves. Activism can be “an chance for celebrities to use their wealth and notoriety for a thing greater these people themselves. ” (Chittom) Which means that way too many celebrities care about themselves. They don’t give any kind of consideration intended for the people who are unlucky than they may be.

Maybe they will don’t have time, but they might just be unaware instead. Activism allows famous people to get involved and be employed by something to help make a difference individuals. So , the end result is if celebs chose movements, it would allow them to help out other folks instead of just nurturing about themselves. Now, celebs lack at being spokespeople for situations because their busy careers and standards of living doesn’t allow them fully devote or it results in superstars showing “negative publicity. ” (Belanger) This being stated does deteriorate my disagreement and viewpoint because it is most true.

A lot of famous people don’t have spare time in any way. Some celebrities have each day of their your life planned for the next year forward or maybe even in addition to that. But getting said from the two writers who said this, additionally, they stated there is a positive area to activism, since they have got such a “high account status, ” (Belanger) they can bring attention to many kinds of triggers. So despite the fact that celebrities is probably not fully determined, even a bit of dedication can assist make a big change.

To sum everything up, celebrity movements is a very good thing and increase and become more prevalent. Celebrities should consider participating in workings because it does indeed help in giving back to society. Since celebrities are really popular, it can help draw attention to events that originally not get a lot of attention.

Now that you’ve notice my argument, do you think movie star activism is a positive or negative point?

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