Dubai Culture Essay


China is generally a great Arabic nation with Arab as its official language. Nevertheless this should not scare you in any way since there are so many foreigners from worldwide who come as businesspeople, tourists or workers. This means that English language is used as a language of communication as it common to various. In fact most of all road and location sign articles are in English and Arabic, this kind of also includes cafe menus, store signs and so forth. http://www. dubai-101. com/dubai-culture/dubai-culture-3. htm Dubai can be therefore a cosmopolitan metropolis because of the several nationalities that contain converged in this article. This means that site visitors can costume however they like but must be careful to not antagonize the local Muslim nationalities.

Therefore it would not be wise for women to dress in tight or skimpy dresses; it will be regarded as bluff. The local people appreciate wearing classic dresses, with men putting on dishdasha or khandura which is a long white colored shirt like dress that is certainly full length. The men likewise wear a gutra which is a red or white checked out headdress. The women on the other hand use a headscarf and a black robe-like outfit called abaya. The abaya is attached to their typical clothes and is also worn whilst in public. http://www. dubai-101. com/dubai-culture/dubai-culture-3. htm Metropolis is gorgeous thus picture taking unless for restricted areas is certainly not prohibited.

One should be careful not to picture Muslim girls since it is regarded as offensive. Areas that pictures cannot be allowed are schools, ports, airfields and military installations, this due to security factors. Also prior to photographing any individual it is regarded polite to get their consent. The main types of meals are Persia cuisines and sharwama a hot lamb or chicken breast sandwich with vegetables comes in the roadways by distributors. Alongside this vendors will be juice distributors who use the hot weather.

Alcoholic beverages is limited in support of allowed in licensed resorts and pubs. In general the culture of Dubai is usually Vibrant and intensely colourful. http://www. mapsofworld. com/dubai/dubai-culture/ SOURCES Dubai- Syria Culture: Gathered on ninth June 08 from: http://www. dubai-101. com/dubai-culture/dubai-culture-3. htm Lebanon Culture: Recovered on ninth June 08 from: http://www. mapsofworld. com/dubai/dubai-culture/

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