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This is an environmental disaster since many organisms like seafood depend on this for success.

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PG has to handle these environmental complications quickly. A few of the measures mentioned previously like the execution of waste materials control actions can go quite a distance in making the rivers and oceans safer for individuals as well as the various other organisms that depend on this for success. They are the industry leaders so when they apply certain standards, the rest of the market has to adhere to suit. PG has to employ its position to make the environment clean and less dangerous for the people of China. It is their very own moral obligation and responsibility to give a thing back to the region that has helped them to generate billions of us dollars in profits.

Another aspect that should be provided importance is a usage of labor including child labor. The necessity for pay also has risen in China and tiawan and it can no more depend on the low-wage insurance plan. The average profits earned by employees in PG China today can be $2, 000 with little chance for a raise. However , the awareness for this problem of low wages in little by little surfacing, due to media promoción and the elevated use of Net. Blogs have become very common in China and even more and more people are resorting to communicate their thoughts through these blogs. In the future, there is gonna be a with regard to more wages and the approach PG deals with this problem will pave the road for its continuing dominance with the Chinese marketplaces. Also, PG has to be even more conscious and careful about their PR plans. The hecatombe of SK-II caused an uproar among the list of Chinese public and such scenarios should be avoided in future.

There are numerous solutions that could be undertaken by simply PG. Nevertheless a handful of it really is already executed like the Safe Drinking Water program, there exists a lot more which the company can do. In the first place, it can work in conjunction together with the Chinese Govt to create and enforce rules towards usage of certain chemical substances and disposal of waste. This will help to make it less difficult for various other multinational firms to follow. They have to set an example for different ones to follow since they are the market frontrunners.

They should also work towards providing a better work environment for its personnel. The company in general should be a safe place for the employees plus they should be paid a fair amount of money in return for their labor. Though the wages need not be on equiparable with the Usa, nevertheless a fair sum according to China standards should be offered. They will even offer medical insurance included in the terms of employment for their employees.

Besides environment and employee functioning conditions, PG should do every thing in its power to lessen any negative influence that has afflicted the China economy and environment because of operations. This is often a perfect model for businesses from the U. S. And other developed countries that are looking to determine their operations in developing countries just like India and China. It can show them the right way to operate in a mutually beneficial manner for the company, people, environment as well as the Government of that country.

These measures are crucial to improve the trust of the company in the eyes of the public. Great deed constantly leads to another and this is what PG should certainly keep in mind. If they work towards the development of the environment plus the society in China, there is no doubt they will be rewarded with better trust and leverage inside the Chinese business. Also, many people will often buy products from such an environment conscious firm and this will certainly lead to better business and bigger profits pertaining to the company. In fact , it can be used because an opportunity for the company to achieve an edge more than its competition in Cina. All these will undoubtedly augur very well for the business in the long-run and this ought to be kept in mind by the company’s executives.


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