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Leader of his indigenous tribe, Chief Seattle, in his persuasive notice to Leader Pierce, demonstrate his mentality on how holy the property he endures is to him and to his people. He tries to gain President pierce attention on the fact that the two men have diverse views on what the land is usually. Seattle identifies the area as his past, present and furture, but to Pirece it is mearly just terrain to use to get the present. He construct his letter through the use of ethical is of interest in the form of similes and questions the teacher asks the class.

Seattle begins his letter to President Touch by asking a series of questions the teacher asks the class emphasizing the point that in the event that no one own the “Sky and also the freshness of the air and sparkle in the water how do anyone get them. Settle disply his belief in the inquiries by stating that the “idea was strange  that people could purchase and sell things that they can cannot individual. Seattle contines to appky his morals and integrity by declaring that “Every shining pine needle, every single sandy shore¦ All are ay in the storage and connection with my people He then goes on explaining that They cherish and respect the land.

Settle uses these kinds of beliefs being a backdrop for his letter and continue on with that when he stress “Earth would not belong to man, man is earth.  Seattle uses these values and values to convey the purpose that both men reside beings therefore is the area, so they must respect and love it as though one should appreciate another man. After Detroit expresses how ‘holy’ the land is definitely, he persists comparing the land to a human being with similes. Detroit compares his blood to nature by stating that ‘we understand the sap which will course thought the forest as we know the blood that training thought the veins. ‘

Seattle uses these similes to show how connected this individual and his people are connected to nature. He expands his level with simply by presenting one other simile ‘the water murmuration, murmuring, mussitation, mutter, muttering is the tone of voice of my father’s father’ this shows how much record is connected to him and his people with the land and in addition how important it is. The similes allow Chief executive Pierce to determine how important the land should be to Seattle. Last but not least, Seattle concludes his notification by requesting president touch cascade rhetorical questions. Seattle asked Pierce ‘What would happen if the buffalo are generally slaughtered?

The wild equine tame? What will happen when the secret corners from the forest happen to be heavy together with the scent of numerous man plus the view of the ripe hillsides blotted with talking wires¦.  Detroit gives Chief executive Pierce the third the degree, mainly because Seattle applied many techniques in his letter to leader pierce to never only get him to never take over Seattle land, but for see how this individual and his people view the land. Chief Seattle is a good and clever man that only wanted to live in the way of his people and hoped the letter are certain to get President Pierce to esteem their methods.

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