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Healthy People 2020

The writer of this statement is asked to provide a brief synopsis of the position of a community nurse as well as the interventions which might be meant to meet or exceed the 4 main goals of the Healthy People 2020 initiative. For each and every of the four main desired goals, the author on this report will certainly describe in least one intervention that meets the goal showcased. After that, the writer will offer one of an involvement that is currently in full swing in the neighborhood of the creator. While the goals of the Healthy People 2020 initiative happen to be lofty and far-reaching, they can be noble and simply goals and should be achieved in different reasonable and ethical possible way.

The 1st goal in the Healthy People 2020 project is to “attain high-quality, much longer lives free of preventable disease, disability, harm and early death” (Healthy People 2020, 2015). Naturally , the framework behind that goal is the long-term diseases as well as the associated fatality and damage that occurs from this country are from disorders that are completely preventable. Indeed, many persons end up with Type I diabetes through no fault of their own. Presumably, it will be something that that they received through heredity and genetics. Nevertheless , type II diabetes would be an entirely diverse story. Usually, that disease is present because of a combination of genetics as well as poor exercise practices, poor nutritional choices and etc .. Much the same thing can be said regarding heart disease, a large number of forms of tumor and so forth. To be fair, a lot of people end up with cancer for simply no apparent reason. However , others catch that presumably due to smoking cigarettes or perhaps being about people that the actual same. For situations and risk elements that are avoidable, the author of this report would assert the fact that primary involvement that could and really should be done is to educate people about how their particular actions or perhaps inactions can result in them expanding diseases and disorders which will debilitate them or even kill them if perhaps they do not end the process prior to or after it starts going on. For example , if someone’s blood glucose is a little previously mentioned normal and is flirting together with the A1C tolerance associated with diabetes, then that could be the best time to get them away from the edge from the chasm because it is much harder to reverse and retain the damages of things like diabetes than you should prevent these people (NIH, 2015).

The second goal of the Healthier People 2020 initiative would be to achieve overall health equity, eradicate disparities and improve the overall health of all teams (Healthy People 2020, 2015). The author of the report will assert which the main circumstance and example of this would be those in the poorer classes and minority teams overall because they are the ones that see the most disparities when it comes to disease rates and overall health-related outcomes. Even more, since

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