On this page, Wikipedia claims that Anthropology “has origins in the humanities, the organic sciences, and the social sciences, ” citing Eric Wolf to support this claim. In the cited article, however , Wolf (1994: 1) discusses just how “ideas regarding race, tradition, and peoplehood or racial have lengthy served to orient anthropology’s inquires, and justify it is existence. ” He does not explicitly refer to the humanities, natural sciences, or interpersonal sciences. I believe this citation may be an error.

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For example , the citation according to the article is definitely from internet pages 1-7, however cites site 227 since the location with this fact. It is a reputable source, but the mentioned claim would not match the cited resource. Wolf, Richard R. 1994Perilous Ideas, Contest, Culture, Persons.

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Current Anthropology 35: 1-7. CONTINUE CONSEQUENTLY FOR SEVERAL MORE] Identification of Five Unsourced Facts: [EXAMPLE: In this article, Wikipedia states that “the term ‘anthropology’ can be from the Greek anthropos (?? ), ‘man’, understood to mean the human race or mankind, and -logia (-?? ), ‘discourse’ or perhaps ‘study, ‘” but does not cite a source with this claim. This can be a primary assertion, because it shows the origin from the term Anthropology.

CONTINUE AS SUCH WITH SEVERAL MORE] Sourcing of just one Unsourced Simple fact: [EXAMPLE: The declaration that the term Anthropology can be from the Greek words meaning “humankind” and “study of, ” could be supported by the Oxford English language Dictionary (2000), which states: “Etymology:< Traditional?? man & -logy brush. form. Ancient greek language had??? (Aristotle) treating of man, that *??? was analogically the abst. d. Anthropologia takes place as contemporary Latin in 1595, and anthropologie because modern People from france. " Oxford University Press 2000Anthropology. Electronic digital document, http://www. oed. com/view/Entry/8436? redirectedFrom=Anthropology, reached February almost 8, 2012.

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