A detailed lesson plan in mapeh dissertation

Ahead of we get started with our lessons for Today, let us include first an action songentitled “Its I who have build community”Ready? Yes sir! Okay, we will do it all together. Its My spouse and i ( 3x) who build community(4x)*You*WeRoll over the ocean, spin over the seaRoll over the water and the profound blue sea. (The pupils willdo the action song)Very good! Would you like it? Certainly sir!


2 . Review

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School, what was each of our lesson lastmeeting? Sir, our lesson previous meetingwas everything regarding the meaning, resource and type of drugs.

Very good! Where does the term drugderived? The term medication derivedfrom the Dutch phrase droog which means dry. Well done! What do you mean by simply theword medication in the recorded of medicine? In neuro-scientific medicine, drug is any chemicalsubstance intended for employ indiagnosis, treatment, mitigation, treatment and avoidance of illnesses in pets or animals.

3. Motivation

Class, Let me show you a shorter video clip. Whatever you are going to carry out is to notice andafterwards I’ll ask the reactions basedfrom the video shown.

Am I recognized class? Yes, sir! At this point, what have experienced you noticed fromthe video presented? We observed which the personsuffered a severe headaches, He is hallucinating andexperienced difficulty inbreathing. So what do you think will be the reasons whythese particular situations happen? These situations happenbecause of the effects of taking or abusing medicines. Very great! B. Developing Activities1.


This morning, we intend to discussall about the category of drugs in accordance touse and effect.

a. Setting of Standards

But before that, what will you do while yourteacher is speaking about in front? Listen closely, behave, sitproperly, understandthe lesson, cooperate, and participate. May i expect that from you? Yes, sir!

2 . Lesson Right

Class, I will group you into three. This willbe the group 1, two and three or more. I have below some strips/photocopied materials containing the three classificationof drugs in respect to uses and impact. All you have to dois to discuss the topic, note/lists and write the importantdetails on your manila paper. Am I understood? Certainly, sir! I will give you 5 minutes to do it. After yourgroup discussion, you are going to select 1 representativeto report that in the class. Am I understood? Yes, friend! Go to the respective teams now.


Instructor supervises his students in every single group. Pupils report what they have had mentioned in their group. Teacher gives additional information and makes some clarifications asregards for the topic presented.

IV. Analysis

In a ½ crosswise of pad paper, explain in brief. 1 . Exactly what the effects of mistreating stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogensto: a. oneself b. familyc. community

Versus. Assignment

Provide an advance browsing about the topic “Prevention of drug abuse”. MAPEH-I book, pp. 378-380

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