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Sports is a the case total sport. It requires of its players the ability to display intense bursts of power and speed while at the same time commanding a chance to conserve strength and go through for the full span in the game. It needs athleticism, strength, and agility. Players has to be conditioned at a top level to be competitive. That is why training for 3-5 times a week is vital in every period for players. To avoid damage, pre-season and off-season training is also vital (Heidt, Sweeterman, Carlonas ou al., 2000). The large physicality of the sport requires its athletes to stay in condition throughout the year.

Every soccer training program should be focused on the meet the needs of the individual (Manzi, Castagna, Padua et ing., 2009). The program is designed for a 185 pound, 15 year old male high school graduation soccer midfielder. It is developed for off-season, pre-season and in-season applications so that the gamer is in optimal physical condition each and every period of the year. The end goal of this system is to have the player all set to perform for a top level. To that end, the program utilizes the guidelines of periodization so that the best suited performance through the athlete is usually achieved at the most competitive period of the year.

It is also important to keep in mind, however , that over-training may threaten the protection and health of the sportsman (Kellmann, 2010). For that reason, this system may be regarded as moderate because it aims to seek the best balance in training physical exercises, so as to let time for muscles rebuilding along with avoid mental and physical exhaustion. Protection should always be a priority in every training curriculum (Finch, Gabbe, Lloyd ain al., 2011).

Off-Season Routine


Month 1

A few months 2-3

Several weeks 4-6


Getting into shape

Strength/Conditioning, plyometrics

Raising fitness, acceleration, agility and endurance

The off-season plan is for a 6 month period. It consists of three phases. The first stage lasts the duration of one month. The second phase lasts for months a couple of and three or more. The third phase lasts for several weeks 4 through 6. The phases give attention to specific strategy in order to go with one another and allow the sportsperson to build after physical profits.

Stage 1

The 1st month is designed to get the participant into condition and give attention to increasing speed and flexibility. The initial month includes a 3-day per week program. The very first day will focus on building “” strength. The other day can center on growing agility and speed. Another day targets developing players endurance.

This program for can be consists of the subsequent exercises, which might all be completed in a gym or fundamental workout space:

· Backside Squats: a few sets of 15-20

· Pull-Ups: several sets of as many pull ups as the player can do

· Clod Bench Press: three or more sets of 15-20

· Romanian Dead lifts: 3 models of 15-20

These physical exercises will help find the player into shape. They work as the foundation of muscle building and conditioning. With out this standard foundation, the athlete are not able to enhance to the more complex exercises which will be required for max conditioning right at the end of the off-season.

The program intended for the second time consists of physical exercises that may be finished outdoors or perhaps in an exercise facility high is space to run:

· Standing Long Jump: one particular set of 5

· Counter-Movement Jump: you set of five

· Run to Lateral Shuffle: three or more sets of 30 yards (switching attributes every your five yards)

· Sprint to Backpedal: 3 sets of 30 meters

These exercises promote coordination, speed and agility. That they empower the athlete to formulate prowess as well as the ability change from brief bursts of speed and power to sudden ceases and adjustments of course.

The program for the third day consists of physical exercises that should be finished with a medication ball. Each exercise should be conducted pertaining to 3 pieces of 30 seconds each:

· Twist and Throw

· Chest Go

· Overhead Throw

· Clean and Press

· Mediterranean sea Ball Calf Raises

· Med Ball Squat

· Med Ball Lunges

· Med Ball Crunches

· Half-field Video game: 20

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