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In a looking glass of the previously scene where police officer kicked the useless triad, the elevator doors attempt to close on his human body, symbolizing the entire destruction of Chan’s identification and humanity, as few things are left nevertheless a piece of beef slumped on to the floor. This field effectively proves the point built earlier by Wong’s fatality, namely, that action motion pictures, and subsequently, the action film market, simultaneously seek to find that means in loss of life while outstanding dependent on the possible lack of meaning inherent in the fatalities of most heroes in action films. Infernal Affairs confronts the audience with this kind of contradiction simply by melding the two of these disparate inclinations into the sole scene of Chan’s loss of life.

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Violence and death will be integral Infernal Affairs’ storytelling, and the film’s use of physical violence continues a trend that began with all the Hong Kong action films in the 1980s. However , rather than aestheticize violence such as John Woo’s gangster movies, the violence in Infernal Affairs is blunt, sloppy, and callous. The film portrays assault in this way to never minimize it, but rather to focus on the action-film audience’s reception of it. Pertaining to the audience, particular deaths are inherently more meaningful than others, but this meaning is only possible provided that the audience is willing to forgo the possibility of finding meaning inside the deaths of less central characters. Infernal Affairs contrasts the psychologically impactful fatality of Wong with the deaths of the triads in a shootout, and in this challenges the audience’s inconsistent reception of on-screen assault. This challenge reaches tip is slightly during the field of Chan’s death, because the audience is not offered any real-time to engage inside the kind of psychological reaction one particular might expect from the fatality of a central character. Rather, the film forces the group to view Chan’s dead body inside the same light as any in the unimportant triads killed earlier on, and in this does not permit the audience to participate in the kind of moral and emotional forestalling that is central to most action films. Infernal Affairs implicates its audience in the assault represented, and reveals just how popular receptions of assault, even when they will purport to provide an psychological reflection within the nature of violence or perhaps death, actually contribute to that violence by selectively interpretation the importance of any given onscreen death.


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