book review the giver simply by lois lowry


Book Review, The Giver

Veronica Martinez


The Giver by Lois Lowry

Available the giver the people nowadays do not discover color. That they dont know music. They don’t know about fatality. They are told that the individuals who are discharge go to a several community. People believe that they spend their very own lives in that community permanently. Everybody seems happy. Additionally, they spend a lot of your time sharing all their feelings within the family group and trying to create each other feel a lot better. One of the online games that the children play can be described as war-like video game. They are deceiving to have pistols and capture at each different. They don’t think it is something bad because they don’t know what battle is.

The main persona in this book is Jonas. In the book the primary characters era begins at the age of 11 as well as the book ends when he is definitely 13. The Ceremony in the Twelves is definitely special pertaining to him as they finds out that instead of being assigned work, he is “chosen”. He is being trained to always be the new Device. The Recipient is a kind of historian. He’s more than just a historian. The Receiver holds the memories of blowing wind, war, sun, savoring, music, and color. This is completed be sure that the folks do not have the pain that could come with having strong emotions.

This Receiver, whom tells Jonas to contact him The Giver, transactions the recollections to Jonas by a exceptional method that sounds somewhat like just how people can read other lenders minds. Jonas then discovers about conflict, colors, music, snow, sunlight and about pain and happiness and all varieties of other powerful emotions. He becomes baffled and doesn’t understand. In the end he makes a decision that he can no longer reside in these communities, with the help of the Giver he runs apart but by running away he can help his people as the memories will certainly leave him and will return to the people. This can be the only method by which the people is going to realize that there exists more alive.

The things i liked regarding this book is that some ideas will be related to some things that happen in actual life. The theme of the book is that anywhere in the past somebody tried to produce a life with no pain, no war, basically no insecurities. Although along the way that life as well become a your life without much color, a life with few individual selections. The ending of the book is kind of uncertain because it is not clear if this individual lives and reaches a type of world similar to his recollections, or if he dies. At the end with the book, the author describes a scene in which Jonas perceives an image of Christmas, with singing and color. He also sees a sled and uses it to slide straight down a slope.

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