There are a number of factors which lead to their

Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet is the tragedy of two Star-crossed enthusiasts caught up within a whirlwind of affection and hate in the city of Verona. There are many of factors, which usually contribute to their particular tragic fatalities, which I is going to explore in this essay.


I will begin by speaking about Friar Lawrence who was a detailed friend and confidante. This individual married Romeo and Juliet in wish that it would end the feud involving the two family members, the Capulets and the Montagues. By mentioning act two, scene 3, Friar Lawrence said, With this alliance may possibly happy prove to turn your households rancour to genuine love. Friar Lawrence was shocked once Romeo said, I have been feasting with my own enemy Romeo meant simply by saying this that he wasnt fond of Rosaline ever again but he was in love with his enemy, Juliet Capulet which he had put in the night with.

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When Juliet didnt want to get married to Paris the girl visited Friar Lawrence proclaiming her profound feelings of love for Romeo and pleaded with him to help her get out of wedding. Friar Lawrence, being a delicate, understanding priest had thought out a plan counseling Juliet to drink a potion so it would seem she looked dead yet she would really be in a profound sleep. Her family would put her body inside the Capulets tomb alongside her ancestors plus the newly left Tybalt. Meanwhile Friar Lawrence would send out a notification to Romeo explaining this plan of action to him and that in forty-two hours Juliet will awake as though she had just had a pleasant sleeping. By this time Romeo would be subsequent to her looking forward to her to awake. Regrettably Friar John who was supposed to deliver the notification to Romeo didnt reach him on time because he couldnt leave the house since the health officials suspected him of having the trouble. On reading this Friar Lawrence were required to hurry to the tomb ahead of Romeo come to her and thought your woman was useless. Romeo appeared first and saw Juliet lying generally there.

Considering other facts leading up to the disaster was the feud between the two families. There was always a great atmosphere of hatred and aggression, which often resulted in chaotic, out-breaks. For example , in action one, landscape one there were two of Capulets servants fooling about two of Montagues maids. Meanwhile the Montagues servants arrived and after that the 1st fight commenced. Benvolio, a Montague and a friend to Romeo, tried to stop the fighting by simply saying Part fools. Organized your swords, you know certainly not what to do. But Tybalt, a Capulet came and declared that he desired to fight Benvolio. I know this because he explained What, art thou driven among these types of hartless hinds? Turn Benvolio, look after they death. Benvolio starts fighting with Tybalt and more people take part in including the two heads from the families. Escalus, Prince of Verona shows up on the picture and requirements peace as he shouts Rebellious subjects, foes to peace, profaners from the neighbour-stained metallic. I think he sounds mad at this point inside the play because there had been however other out-break of violence in the streets of Verona and this individual threatened the punishment of death to anyone struggling on the streets of Verona. He explained, If ever you disturb the streets once again, your lives shall spend the lose of peacefulness.

I consider the most significant component to be the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio. Romeo didnt want to fight Tybalt because he wanted to please Juliet and Tybalt was her cousin. Mercutio teased Tybalt and they began fighting. Once Romeo tried to stop these people Tybalt stabbed Mercutio and ran off. Thinking Mercutio was only injured, after which discovering he was dead, built Romeo pursuit after Tybalt eventually getting rid of him. Upon hearing the news the Royal prince arrived and because Mercutio was related to the Prince, Romeo was not sentenced to fatality but banished from Verona. Let Romeo hence in haste, otherwise, when he is found, that hour is his last

The Nurse, who looked after Juliet since your woman was a baby, was similar to a mother to Juliet than Woman Capulet. Juliet confided with her Health professional who was a little romantic very little and who had been always suggesting how nice it would be to get a husband. On realising Juliet was in appreciate with Romeo she served as a go-between for them to mail messages to each other. After the loss of life of Tybalt the Health professional told Juliet that Romeo had carried out a terrible factor by getting rid of Tybalt and knowing Romeo had been banned made Juliet hysterical. Seeing this the Nurse went to fetch Romeo who was concealing in Friar Lawrence s i9000 cell. Romeo felt extremely ashamed and wanted to eliminate himself nevertheless Friar Lawrence and the Doctor stopped him and believed to go and see Juliet and speak to her then head to Mantua to hide.

Another component was Paris, a wealthy man who had been very courteous to everyone. He was linked to Escalus, the Prince whom ruled Verona. If Paris married Juliet he would have been family and would need to be on Capulets side and this made Capulet so interested in the wedding. Paris, france had arranged for them to get married in 3 days period but Capulet rearranged the date to the next day in the event Juliet transformed her mind. The Health professional, meanwhile had taken Juliets parents aspect saying that Paris, france was a nice man and she can do a whole lot worse. Juliet was furious and yelled at her Nurse that she was wicked. Someone who she got always dependable and whod always helped her. In a blind rage Juliet cried that she would go and find out Friar Lawrence to see if he would help her and if this individual couldnt she would kill herself. Ill to the Friar to find out his remedy. If all else fail, myself have power to die.

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