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Studying Police Patterns in Retrospection

There are many examples of the requirement to effectively authorities, or perhaps monitor diligently, the activities and actions of the law enforcement. Perhaps the most eminent example of this emerging trend is evinced in the so-called Black Lives Matter motion, which is predicated on providing social proper rights to Photography equipment Americans who also are consistently abused as well as wantonly killed by cops allegedly carrying out their tasks. In numerous occasions, unarmed Black men had been murdered by police. Actually the names Eileen Brown, who had been killed simply by members from the police in Ferguson, Missouri, and Freddie Gray, who had been murdered by police around Baltimore, Maryland, have become identifiable with the ought to cease these kinds of senseless and inexplicable killers conducted by simply authors inside the pretext to do their obligation. A thorough examination of the each one of these respective cases reveals that in the two instances, the authorities were remiss in their activities, if certainly not outright inhumane and lawbreaker.

The death of Eileen Brown appears to corroborate this fact. Brown was a young African American man who had just lately graduated high school and was slated to attend college in the fall. The summer before he was to begin his post extra education, having been caught in video camera pilfering a lot of items coming from a gas station. Apparently, the employee functioning at the time was intimidated by Brownpossibly due to his size or, perhaps, his race. Regardless, the employee was justified in calling law enforcement about what amounted to small theft (McLaughlin, 2014). Police officers pursued Dark brown and had been supposedly struggling to apprehend him immediately. Consequently , despite the fact that Darkish was disarmed and grappling against a police officer using a bullet proof jacket, firearm and, most importantly quick access to virtually unlimited back up, the author felt justified in discharging his firearm and shooting down the fledgling students life.

An analysis with the death of Freddie Grey at the hands of police officers near the Maryland area was perhaps even more dubiousif significantly less clear. Grey was busted by officers in this region. The facts clearly reveal that when he was taken in police custody, having been relatively unharmed, alive, as well as for the most component well. There is also documented info which indicates Dark brown was also handcuffed within his detain. What followed next can be unclear. Precisely what is indisputable, nevertheless , is Grey was taken into police custody. Somehow, by

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