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Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854)

ended the peace founded between the North and To the south by the Endanger of 1850. It was recommended by Sophie A. Douglas of Illinois and repealed the Missouri Compromise. The act unplaned popular sovereignty upon the modern territories unfortunately he opposed by simply Northern Democrats and Whigs. It was passed, however , since President Pierce supported that. The purpose of the bill was to facilitate the building of the transcontinental railroad on a central route.

Republican Get together (1854)

organized in 1854 by antislavery Whigs, Democrats, and Totally free Soilers in response to the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act; nominated John C.

Fremont for president in 1856 and Abraham Lincoln subsequently in 1860

American or Know-Nothing Party

opposed immigration and Catholic effect. They clarified questions by outsiders regarding the party by expressing “I understand nothing.

Lecompton Metabolic rate

The pro-slavery constitution suggested for Kansas’ admission towards the union. It absolutely was rejected.

Bleeding Kansas

Following the verse of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, pro-slavery forces coming from Missouri, referred to as Border Ruffians, crossed the border in Kansas and terrorized and murdered antislavery settlers.

Antislavery sympathizers from Kansas carried out retaliation ? vengeance attacks, one of the most notorious that was Ruben Brown’s 1856 attack within the settlement in Pottawatomie Creek. The battle continued to get four years before the antislavery forces gained. The physical violence it produced helped percipitate the Municipal War.

Lawrence, KS

1855 ” Where the pro-slavery /anti-slavery conflict in Kansas began (“Bleeding Kansas or perhaps Kansas Boundary War).

John Brown

In 1859, the militant abolitionist _______ seized the U. H. arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. He prepared to end slavery by massacring slave owners and clearing their slaves. He was captured and executed. ______ as well led the Pottawatomie Massacre

The caning of Senator Charles Sumner

__________ gave a two day speech within the Senate floors. He denounced the To the south for criminal activity against Kansas and singled out Senator Claire Brooks of South Carolina for extra abuse. Creeks beat Sumner over the brain with his walking cane, severely debilitating him. __________ was the 1st Republican martyr.

Adam Buchanan

fifteenth president, failure to keep the Union unchanged led to the Civil Conflict

Ruben C. Fremont

an manager, soldier, and politician generally known as “the Wonderful Pathfinder.  In 1846, he aided in the annexation of Cal by taking insurgents, appropriating the city of Sonoma, and declaring the independence from the “Bear Flag Republic.  In 1856, ______ started to be the 1st presidential candidate for the Republican party.

Political election of 1856

Republican Get together, Know-Nothing Party

Democrat ” David Buchanan (won by a filter margin). Republican ” David Fremont. Know- Nothing Get together and Whig ” Millard Fillmore. Initially election pertaining to the Conservative Party. Know- Nothings opposed immigration and Catholic influence. They answered questions via outsiders regarding the get together by saying “I understand nothing.

Dred Scott v. Sanford (1857)

A Missouri slave sued to get his freedom, claiming that his several year live in the north portion of the Louisiana Area made cost-free land by the Missouri Endanger had produced him a totally free man. The U. H, Supreme Court docket decided this individual couldn’t file suit in federal government court as they was real estate, not a resident.

Roger B. Taney

As chief justice, this individual wrote the key decision in the Dred Scott case, maintaining police power of states and asserting the principle of social responsibility of private house. He was Southern and upheld the fugitive slave laws.

Abraham Lincoln

little-known Illinois agent and lawyer who introduced spot promises and received the 1860 election

Lincoln-Douglas Discussions (1858)

Several seven discussions. The two asserted the important concerns of the day like popular sovereignty, the Lecompton Constitution as well as the Dred Scott decision. Douglas won these types of debates, yet Lincoln’s placement in these debates helped him beat Douglas in the 1860 presidential election.

Freeport Doctrine

During the Lincoln-Douglas discussions, Douglas stated in his _____________ that Congress couldn’t pressure a place to become a servant state against its can.

Harpers Ferry

U. S arsenal seized simply by John Brownish in his adventurous raid, at some point the system was retaken and Dark brown was hanged

Election of 1860

Republican ” Abraham Lincoln. Democrat ” Stephan A. Douglas, David C. Breckenridge. Constitutional Union ” Ruben Bell. Problems were slavery in the territories (Lincoln compared adding virtually any new servant states).

John C. Breckinridge

Nominated by pro-slavers who had seceded from the Democratic convention, he was strongly for slavery and states’ privileges.

John Bell

He was a average and wished the union to stay collectively. After The southern part of states seceded from the Union, he told the middle says to join the North.

Montgomery Meeting

marked the formal start of the Confederate States of America. Convened in ________, The state of alabama, and beginning on Feb . 4, 1861, the Tradition organized a provisional govt for the Confederacy and created the Cosmetic of the Confederate States of America. On January six, 1861 the committee submitted a secession ordinance with a report for immediate secession.

Crittenden Compromise

A desperate measure to prevent the Civil Battle, introduced simply by John Crittenden, Senator from Kentucky, in December 1860. The bill presented a Constitutional amendment knowing slavery in the territories to the south of the 3630² line, non-interference by Congress with existing slavery, and compensation for the owners of fugitive slaves. Republicans, on the advice of Lincoln, conquered it.

Lincoln’s First Inaugural

Drafted in a spirit of reconciliation toward the rebellious states, ___________ carressed on a number of topics: 1st, his promise, give your word to “hold, occupy, and possess the property and places of the government”including Ft Sumter, which has been still in Federal hands; second, his argument that the Union was indissolvable, and therefore that secession was extremely hard; and third, a guarantee that while he would never end up being the first to assault, any usage of arms resistant to the United States can be regarded as rebellion, and met with force. The inauguration occurred on the eve of the American Civil Battle, which started out soon after with the Confederate attack on Ft Sumter.

Fort Sumter

Site of the opening proposal of the Municipal War. Upon December 20, 1860, South Carolina had seceded from the Union, and had required that all government property inside the state always be surrendered to mention authorities. Major Robert Anderson concentrated his units by Fort Sumter, and, when Lincoln took office in March four, 1861, Sumter was one among only two forts in the South still under Union control. Learning that Lincoln planned to deliver supplies to reinforce the fort, on April 11, 1861, Confederate Basic Beauregard demanded Anderson’s give up, which was rejected. On 04 12, 1861, the Confederate Army began bombarding the fort, which will surrendered about April 18, 1861. Our elected representatives declared war on the Confederacy the next day.

Jefferson Davis

______ was chosen because president of the Confederacy in 1861. Stephens was vice-president.


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