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Heart Disease, Imperialism, Creature Cruelty, Praise


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He makes the visitor aware of these great adjustments by displaying the wild backcountry, how a natives live, and how they can be reacting for the Belgians in their midst. The backcountry Marlow travels through is scary, and the natives become more scary as well. These natives symbolize the wicked they are fighting against and graphically demonstrate what it has been doing to their culture. They have turn into violent and frightening because of the violence and fear methods that have been utilized against them.

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In addition , Kurtz goes crazy at his outpost inside the jungle, fantastic madness is because the imperialistic attitudes in the Europeans. A companion of Kurtz says of him, “You don’t know how such a your life tries a person like Kurtz'” (Conrad 54). He consumes years roaming in the new world, trading intended for ivory, and learning about the natives and their customs, and he comes to be worshipped by them, who apparently look at him like a white-colored God. Marlow says of him, “But his spirit was crazy. Being by itself in the backwoods, it had appeared within alone, and, by simply heavens! My spouse and i tell you, completely gone mad” (Conrad 61). Kurtz provides fallen in love with the backwoods and the natives, but he cannot admit that. He continues to make the most of them if you take their off white, and he continues to bask in their praise, even while he pillages all their villages intended for ivory and also other treasures. He represents imperialism at its worst, and yet the natives protect him. They cannot understand how he could be harming these people, and that is really the “horror” of this story. Kurtz is aware the local people are harmless and will never survive, and that thought, combined with the isolation from the jungle, drives him mad. He seems sympathetic towards the natives, however early in his stay in Athens, he recommended “exterminating” them all. It is this twist of position in order to drive him mad, too.

Conrad infuses the novel with this theme of wicked, and just regarding every phase references the Belgians, the natives, and their struggles together. Critic Blossom continues, “Imperialist corruption is anatomized in sharp, image images, and a clear ethical viewpoint is usually presented, a scheme of values stored by Marlow in his loyalty to the operate ethic” (Bloom 35). By simply writing about imperialism the way this individual does, Conrad shows his own emotions about it, and shows their evils simply by describing this, and the those who are carrying it out. They are really victims, applying any means they can to fight back and save their way of life. Just how that most in the European characters view these people is ignorant and uncalled for, however, Conrad uses this to indicate just how nasty imperialism was. The Europeans simply required whatever they wanted – land and people, without any considered to the people themselves. Imperialism was an wicked practice, and Conrad makes that very very clear in this novel.


Full bloom, Harold, education. Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. New york city:

Heart Disease, Imperialism, Greed, Theme

Excerpt coming from Term Paper:

Kurtz is powered to madness by the imperialistic attitudes of those around him, and his own greed for cash via the off white trade. He spends his life in the jungle, trying to find ivory and coming to understand the natives, whom think he’s a white colored God. This individual represents the actual worst of imperialism, as they comes to find out and be familiar with natives, and still he takes advantage of them. This individual loves their very own hero worship, and this individual trades pertaining to ivory with them, but he is nonetheless using them and leaving associated with little or nothing inturn, just as the Belgians leave the Congo when they have taken all they can get from the and the persons.

The book also shows how jaded the Europeans are, and how they take the natives without any consideration, seeing all of them as little more than animals or perhaps “things” to serve them. This is illustrated when Marlow views the “black shadows” who happen to be slowing wasting away from the tough work and treatment of the Europeans, although also inside the overall not caring they have to the natives around them and the traditions they are burning off. Critic Parry continues, “Moreover, at a time the moment lies in regards to a benevolent disposition circulated generally within the real homeland, Cardiovascular system of Night casts a chilly eye about imperialism as a world program managed from your metropolitan centers in the interest of these kinds of centers” (Parry 42). Imperialism was a great evil practice, and Conrad recognized this even at the same time when many Europeans did not. Bringing it to the cutting edge was his purpose in writing this novel, and the theme is woven throughout the webpages with clarity and purpose. The details of the novel, including the dying staff, the marauding natives, and Kurtz wonderful stronghold in the jungle every make up the establishing and total feel of the novel, the actual “darkness” of computer. The motif is darker, the placing is dark, and the outcome is dark. Conrad says that practically nothing good will come from imperialism, and this individual uses Kurtz’ death as well as the “horror” adjacent it to operate a vehicle the point home. The fact that he is placed to Kurtz’ fiance may be the final strike; it represents the is the Europeans have been swallowing about imperialism and what entailed for many years.

In conclusion, “The Heart of Darkness” can be described as disturbing story that displays the bad of European imperialism and conquest. The Congo are never the same after the Belgians are through with it, and neither will the people. Kurtz dies groaning “the horror! ” And that is the real theme of this novel – the scary of imperialism and what it does to a nation and its tradition. Conrad peppers the story with sources to this scary, and by time the story is through, the reader knows just what a terrible practice imperialism was, and exactly how it replace the face of entire areas, seemingly overnight, all in the name of greed, greed, and politics power.


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