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UNIQLO Co. Ltd, is a Japanese people casual wear designing and manufacturing and retailers. In Japan, UNIQLO is the leading apparel retail cycle in terms of both equally sales and profits. Following its global expansion in 2005, the corporation has now operating in Hong Kong, Cina, Taiwan, British isles, South Korea, France, Singapore and United States with above 2700 shops worldwide. This kind of casual have on giant list in No . 4 in global stores with more than 11. 21 Billion CHF sales in 2013. Besides the huge achievement in revenue performance, the organization rank as No .

1 in “Best Retail Brands 2013 from Interbrand. Seeing that UNIQLO exposed its initial store in Hong Kong in Sep 2005, the no . of shops in elevated steadily into a total of twenty-two stores in 2014. This kind of report will focus on the way in which that UNIQLO demonstrate its business model and brand approach in Hk.

Target Part

“UNIQLO is a fresh Japanese business that make sure it provides casual clothes for all sorts f people, mission assertion from UNIQLO ‘s site. From the assertion, there’s no certain or principal target customer for the manufacturer.

Basically this the key strategy of UNIQLO, undifferentiated targeting but focus on give high quality basic casual have on with affordable price for which everyone can wear in everyday. As opposed to to other fashion suppliers, H&M and Zara that have permanent collections are focusing on to fresh women and men to get fashionable products.

But in cash flow level, UNIQLO focused on Mass Market stylish industry, which in turn targeted for anyone with moderate income who are looking for trendy daily clothes. The high income group which like hi-end top quality fashion are certainly not the primary target segment intended for UNIQLO.

UNIQLO HK also demonstrated undifferentiated strategy in store level and in addition website site. From home window display of casual have on from Ladies, Men and children, and in actual store go to the consumer comes from all areas, from kids to elderly.


UNIQLO provides practical clothing that comes in wide selection of selection which will comes with exceptional high quality and styles. There are 3 primary product and brand profile under UNIQLO, 1)Unilqo or (LifeWear), 2) UT and 3) Seasonal Collections. All these available in Hk.

UNIQLO (Life Wear), aim as Cozy Fashion Enahancing Eveyone Life. Life Have on apparel is definitely high quality fashionable basic use that people might be with their daily lives, personal example with be the Unilqo fleece protector, HEATTECH and AIRism interior wear, Ultra Light Down and cashmere sweaters. Unilqo promote these high quality basic clothing components of LifeWear as “component or essential products for daily lives. You will find same items but comes with different colors, such as socks have in 55 different design and colours. LifeWear scarifies the choice of items to high quality when comparing to various other International competition like ZARA and H&M and local opponents like Giordano.

UT -T- shirt Convenience Store, Trendy T shirts alliance or cross with other brands. UNIQLO joint venture with different popular brands via different sector to utilizing their logo or perhaps characters because the styles o LACE, for example Pepsi for Drink industry, The Simpson from US toon, Disney Personas. UT also features new edition collection of Tshirt designed by famous artist from singer to photographer one example is With these kinds of partnership projects, UNIQLO kick off thousand of new designed LACE in different industry over the world. LACE targeted to fresh teenage to young adult to provide cost-effective and fashionable T-shirts.

Designer invitation / Seasons Collections, Unilqo invited popular designers of hi end fashion company for example +J with The german language designer Jil Sander in 2009, uu/UNIQLO private with Japanese people designer Jun Takahashi and latest INDS DE LA FRESSANGE for Spring / Summer in 2014. These types of projects bring the designs of hello there end trend to become affordable daily everyday wear. These types of collections targeted to young girls (20 ” 40 years) who happen to be sensitive to latest fashion trends.

In conclusion, UNIQLO does not specify its target customers in terms of gender, era, or racial. It focuses on all people. Apparel makers often focus on particular designs to meet their concentrate on customers, although UNIQLO serves a wide range of customers by offering premium quality, casual fundamentals. UNIQLO’s merchandise offering is definitely broad, which will cover men’s, ladies, and children’s items. Products in the casual category vary from T-shirts, knit tops, and trousers, to coats, and even incorporate underpants, undershirts, and shoes or boots. products themselves are an important way to obtain competitive edge. UNIQLO strives at producing products of top quality, in various collections to enable the corporation to reach optimum number of buyers. As a consumer product company, UNIQLO launch different new releases to increase competitive advantage and meet changing customer demands and requirement.

From the chart, you can see the continuous advancement and kick off 1 -2 new essential product around the world in each year. “We are generally not a fashion company, “We really are a technology business.  UNIQLO CEO Tadashi Yanai. Top quality is the key to UNIQLO item, that so why UNIQLO has its range Research and Development centre to develop its new efficient material used to get make clothing. HEATTECH seris of nice keeping inner wear will be an example of new material of development fresh high quality cloth garment.

International context standardization & adaptation/ localized as well as

Marketing Positioning

Advertising Positioning is definitely the perception of consumer about the company and products in accordance with competition. And these are impacted by 5 main factors: 1) Product quality 2) Value 3) distribution 4) image 5) promoting communication Product positioning procedure

Define industry / discover product characteristic / Unique selling point as well as understand competition / marketing communications / maintain brand placement From the placement map of Hong Kong retail fashion brands below, UNIQLO provide family member high quality in comparison with its medium pricing. In HK consumerperception, hi-end worldwide brands like Burrberry is by using superior quality and pricing although local brands like Baleno come with low cost and cheap. In product quality factor, UNIQLO is comparatively higher than community brands and international company like H&M. In costs, UNIQLO consume the medium pricing strategy which focus on the mass market, the typical income group. When comparing the distribution stage, UNIQLO features less circulation outlet the moment compare with regional brands Giordano and Baleno which with small stores strategy by open small outlet in MTR place and shopping centres.

UNIQLO now has twenty-two outlets in HK, and a lot of them are in high traffic large shopping mall in each district. Each stores a relatively larger than typical local company outlet which will provide a even more spacious and comfortable shopping environment. The started image of UNIQLO from Asia make HÄSTKRAFTER consumer have perception of high quality Japanese items. Despite today all UNIQLO product are manufactured in Chinese suppliers and To the south East Asia country just like Thailand Vietnam. The Image of Japanese brand make the brand distinguish from neighborhood brand and in addition gain the main advantage of international brand.

Product life pattern

From the product life cycle of view, Unilqo HK is a later stage of “Growth Stage. Because the UNIQLO HK remains to be introducing cool product from Worldwide UNIQLO in order to target more new buyers and understanding market share. The no . of outlet continue to be increase conveniently despite facing the tough of limited location with large space for store selection and in addition threat an excellent source of rental in HK. UNIQLO HK also launch Printing ad and TV commercial for brand spanking new product or perhaps seasonal merchandise also manufacturer building advertising and marketing to help inspire repeat obtain.

Pricing Approach

Value decision is definitely affected by 6th mains elements

1) Pricing Goals

2) Buyer’s notion

3) Perceived affordability

4) Competition

5) Marketing Mix

6) Channel members

UNIQLO set up an “Specialty Store Store of Private Ingredients label Apparel (SPA) model, that means its business model incorporates the whole clothes-making method from purchase of supplies, product planning, development and manufacture through distribution and retail to inventory supervision. With these types of business model, it might gain benefit for vertical the use of company’s operation by manufacturing to marketing promotions and also monetary of range of organic material purchase & production. It can present product with much lower price than opponents, even this sales the item same cost as opponents it still can maintain its profit.

While using support of SPA, UNIQLO can provide HK consumer with high quality, cheap, value involving causal put on. For example it cashmere knit tops which value HKD199 although similar cashmere sweater expense for over HKD 400 in department stores.

Charges strategies of UNIQLO is HÄSTKRAFTER is mix of Penetration and Competition. During the opening of first Unilqo Store in Hong Kong at Mira Mall Tsim Sha Tsui, it created crowds of people of Hk consumer to this first range topping store. HK consumer are attracted by its affordable and top quality compared with ESPIRT and Giordano another style retail stores. Almost all designer T-shirts are in same cost. It created an image of Branded Western causal trend but with low price. Since then UNIQLO remain it is pricing approach, low price in order to get penetration to HK vogue retail advertising gain market share rapidly. In contrast to other neighborhood competitors brands with much longer history, at the. g. Giordano, ESPIRIT and Bossini. It win inside the battle field of mass market of medium cash flow group who also look for top quality but trendy casual have on, by even more trendy design and style than Giordano and more expensive than Bossini, especially in the goods like clothes, jeans and inner use these daily casual have on

In the battlefield with other foreign fashion brand like ZARA, GAP and H&M. UNIQLO understand all their competitors’ competitive edge of fashionable and trend design. UNIQLO combat with their competitive lower price ofSeasonal and custom made invitation collection to attract fresh women. The pricing of Unilqo item set competitive or even lower than their competition. This help to make UNIQLO’s achievement in Hong Kong, this can verified by their increase in wall plug from one particular stores in 2005 to 22 stores in 2014, average 2 new stores opening in Hong Kong.

The moment compare charges of UNIQLO HK to markets, HK’s pricing relative higher than China and tiawan and Japan. But UNIQLO HK does not take reference to Pricing in Japan. Market


Chinese suppliers






RMB 99

Yen 990

USD 19. being unfaithful

12. 9Lb

Index (HK as 100)






UNIQLO must maintain that competitiveness in pricing including same period keep harmony in its income. The costs point is the majority result of benchmark the pricing of competitors. From example under of identical patterned T-shirt, the charges of Uniqlio is very close the this main community competitors of Giordano and Bossini.

1) Critically examine if the brand’s marketing activity is providing values to its buyers. Why? From its mission statement “UNIQLO is actually a new Japanesecompany that guarantee it provides casual clothes for all varieties f people. We can understood that the worth proposition s i9000 are 1) high quality with comparative affordable, 2) give causal towel of portion or essential clothing which can wear each day, 3) present added worth to usana products from new technology.

From the range of products of UNIQLO in HÄSTKRAFTER, you can find everyday wear pertaining to infant to adult, by colorful youngster wear to formal business shirt. UNIQLO provide excessive variety of garments for people by different walks of life with different requires.

Store environment is one of the essential element in marketing of UNIQLO. Flagship retail outlet is one of the manufacturer building instrument. All UNIQLO stores are comes with large, bright and comfortable environment fot consumer to shopping and also extend their particular shopping amount of time in the store. Almost all UNIQLO stores’s design follow their corporate identity, with big red logo, same color wooden ground, same type of shelf and template of in-store advertising and screen. There’s no big difference in interior planning for Hong Kong UNIQLO with UNIQLO in Shanghai and UK. In Apr 2014, UNIQLO HK just wide open its tenth global range topping store in Causeway These types of which with 3 level, occupies thirty seven, 500 square feet retail store. Mentioned by Griddle Ning, the managing director of UNIQLO Hong Kong and chief executive of Fast Selling China, explained it was crucial for the apparel sequence to build up the presence in the city, regardless of the high rental prices.  The outdoor wall membrane of this flagship store offer an excellent opportunities for advertising and as strong brand building tool on its own.

Another value added to consume is definitely its in-store layout and service of Staff. UNIQLO will display all the product and different sizes about shelf to get consumer’s easy access and trial. And there isn’t a sales personnel which will advertising UNIQLO to consumer actively but offer comfortable and display as much as product to consumer to pick. By this personal serviced environment and culture of UNIQLO, it reduce its staff in-store in great expand and generate consumer experience less pressure and liberal to select their very own casual have on.

Channel approach of UNIQLO

UNIQLO HK offer their product to buyer in their very own retail outlet directly without any advanced of just like distributors or perhaps and variety store. This can help UNIQLO reduce their particular distribution cost and margin. Hence additional lower the buying price of their products to meet competition or perhaps reserve margin for income.


In each season UNIQLO will kick off promotional advertisments for main character products just like Ultra Light Down Jacket, HEATTECH and T shirts. In the campaign, Uniqlue will have advertisement in TV SET, newspaper and Magazine. Close to adaptation similar from UNIQLO Corporate, UNIQLO HK may also localize their very own advertisement and message. One example is UNIQLO HÄSTKRAFTER invite community celebrity Bosco Wong as spokesperson because of its Ultra Mild Down Jacket and start series of TELEVISION commercials and print ad. With the employed of regional celebrity will help HK consumer to get more knowledgeable about the brand and also raise their very own interest especially amount the young people. Near the advertisement, you can see the Point of Purchase display inside the shop are also display with same message with advertisement. Possibly staff inside the in-store may regard because POP screen, all staff must have on the leading man production or perhaps promotional item all the time and they become the portable showcase and model in the marketplace.

The advertising of UNIQLO also additional enhance and deliver the good value products to consumer. Most often promotion will be Price away, such as direct price of single item, further discount by mass purchase (buy 2 computers in price cut price), Particular price of limited items in advertising period to urge consumer to make obtain immediately.

On the internet and Social Media

UNIQLO combined its origin wear viewpoint with cooking and launched its own Applications of UNIQLO Recipe in 2013 which awarded while the Best App in Apple App Retailers. With other applications like digital virtual retail outlet, Wake up cultural app gain good response in globally and also HÄSTKRAFTER. This help further reinforce its company image of causal for all area of life.

Social Business Responsibility

UNIQLO launched several CSR program in company and all over the world such as Garments for Simles with Top rated Tennis Player Novak Djokovic; working with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh to make a local social business. In Hong Kong one of the most well known CSR program will be the “UNIQLO Recycle. This program inspire consumer to donate their used garments to UNIQLO, after UNIQLO collected and pass through means of cleaning and sorting. These clothes can pass in people in will need over the world. These program help UNIQLO build their positive image of humanity and environment friendly to HK society.

Just how UNIQLO may moving forward?

UNIQLO is already a very powerful fashion retail company. To keep the brand is actually competitive and gain the marketplace share. Have Hong Kong industry as an example, UNIQLO should concentrate more 1 2 initiaitive

1 . Localization of product

In advantage of it is large scale and vertical preparing and creation system, UNIQLO can produce same products in low price and high quality product to globally. Even the Seasonal Collection can boost it variety and refresh the consumer. Require designer and brands may not familiar to Hong Kong customer. UNIQLO ought to add community element to the design of HÄSTKRAFTER products or maybe tailor made fresh collection intended for Hong Kong, such as using HK unique landscape, local foodstuff as design and style pattern and even corporate with Young Community designer to incorporate HK element to the collection.

installment payments on your Go High grade

Actually UNIQLO give high quality informal wear, but nonetheless in certain percentage of HK consumer it nonetheless a casual wear brand with product generate in Cina. In order to fulfill the increase inhabitants of high income young Midsection Class, who are willing to paid out more for more fashionable and higher quality outfits, UNIQLO may launch a brand new product line, UNIQLO Premium. Similar concept with local company G2000 introduced Black Labeled collection. With resource of UNIQLO, it could invite artist from extravagance brand just like HUGH MANAGER, GUCCI etc,. and using high quality material for this collection to provide s product withexcellent quality but in reasonable selling price.