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Based upon the information presented in the case, my roommates significant symptoms will be headache, rigid neck, sensitivity to mild, and large fever. These types of symptoms are often associated with meningitis, which signifies that my roommate could be affected by this condition. Meningitis is defined as a contamination of the meninges or lining and liquid that cover the external parts of the brain and spinal cord. Vintage symptoms of meningitis that influence nearly every individual with the condition are headaches, vomiting, fever and chills, confusion, seizures, stiff neck, drowsiness, and photophobia i actually. e. serious sensitivity to bright signals (Davis Stoppler, 2017). The most probable reason behind my roommates symptoms is viruses considering the fact that she could be suffering from virus-like meningitis, which is the most common and least hazardous form of this problem. In her case, the situation could have been brought on by enteroviruses, that happen to be found or perhaps live in the intestines.

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The key diagnostic evaluation she will undertake at the hospital is assortment of her liquid blood samples or cerebrospinal fluid i actually. e. smooth near the spinal cord. These selections will then undertake a clinical test and examination to determine the source of the infection and appropriate treatment measure. Throughout the test, the relevant anatomy or perhaps landmark used by the doctor to handle a spine tap or perhaps lumbar leak diagnostic evaluation is the lumbar spine mainly because its important for correct needle trajectory. Additionally , the physician will need note of L4 spinous process and lumbar spinal column midline, which can be crucial attractions for re-positioning of the needle during the assortment of cerebrospinal fluid (Doherty Forbes, 2014). A needle will be utilized through the test as it is inserted between the third and fourth back vertebrae until it reaches the spinal apretado (Berger, 2016). During this procedure, the medical doctor ensures that the needle would not touch the nerves from the spinal cord. Another lumbar vertebrae is located in the bottom back area of the spinal column and stabilizes and supports the weight from the body although permitting the spine to turn and approach freely. Your fourth lumbar backbone basically delivers protection to the spinal cord, conducts procedures and grooves in which muscles add, and connects with other spinal vertebrae. In this diagnostic procedure, she could be lay down on her left side and placement her mind in a manner that enables her to bend the neck closer to her torso. She could

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