Antigone tragic main character essay composition 2

Many Greek tragedies were based about myths and consisted of a series of dramatic episodes mixed with a chorus whom commented within the dramatic actions or assessed the pattern of events. The part of a tragic hero was vital to the tragic performs. Sophocles states that a tragic hero is actually a character who possesses six specific attributes. A tragic hero must be of respectable stature, can not be perfect, their very own downfall many be their fault, their particular misfortune is definitely not totally deserved, the fall is usually not a total loss, and has a moral purpose.

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Consequently , Creon may be the tragic leading man in Antigone because he features noble size, posses figure flaws, fantastic fall can be not an whole loss.

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Creon is the brother of Jocasta, who was the wife and mother of Oedipus, who had been the king of Thebes. He turns into ruler of Thebes following your s of Oedipus’ two sons, Eteocles and Polynices in the latest civil warfare. In his speech to the people assuring the people that order and security have came back to Thebes he says, “I now have the tub and all the powers(line 194, page 67).

This kind of passage conveniently shows that Creon is the leader of Thebes because it says that he posses the throne a possession of the king. This kind of shows that Creon is of respectable stature, which can be one of the needs of a tragic hero.

Through the whole play Creon demonstrates that he could be imperfect. Creon is very uncooperative as well as ignorant, which results in his many challenges all through the perform. In his argument with Haemon over the destiny of Antigone he says, % “show me a greater offense in all the earth! She, the lady destroys cities, rips up houses, breaks the rates of spearmen into headlong rout. But the ones who previous it out, the truly great mass of those owe their particular lives to discipline. Therefore we must protect the men who have live by law, never let some female triumph over all of us. Better to fall from electricity, if show up we must, as a result of a man”never be rated inferior into a woman, hardly ever (lines 751-761 page 94).  The phrase %  basically means “without an innovator.  He makes it appear as if he may be talking about Antigone.

Creon looks at as the bound to happen consequence the moment insubordination in the law can be left with impunity. This excerpt vividly reveals how Creon is very stubborn and ignorant. He refuses to see that girl play amajor role in society. He only views them as objects. He visions girl as a danger to manly superiority and he will visit nothing to avoid this by happening. His refusal allowing Antigone to travel free in the end results in the of his son wonderful wife. This kind of shows that Creon is imperfect, which is also among the requirements of a tragic hero.

By the end from the play, following the of his wife and son, Creon gains some self-knowledge and learns coming from what he has done. Following Creon understands of the of his partner and son he says, “Ohhh, so mindless, so insane¦ my crimes, my uncooperative, ly” Check out us, the killer, the killed, daddy and child, the same “the misery! My plans, my mad fan heart, my personal son, stop so small! Ai, dropped to the community. Not through you ignorance, no, my own (line 1395-1400, page 124).  This quotation through the play illustrates that Creon realizes that his stubbornness and mischief is the source of all of this follon. Creon at this point understands that his flaws triggered his family’s. He then goes on to say, “Oh I’ve discovered through and tears (line 1405-1406, webpage 124).  This demonstrates that he has learned his lesson therefore the of his family is not really a complete reduction because right now he is conscious of the fact it is because of his stubbornness and stupidity that the occurred. This shows that Creon’s fall is currently a natural loss, which can be as well, a problem of a tragic hero.

Creon is the tragic hero in Antigone as they is of noble stature, have character faults, and his show up is no entire loss. These defects eventually happen to be what leads Creon to his decline and to the of his wife and son. In Antigone there were numerous themes. One of the designs is satisfaction and its impact on the heroes. Both Antigone and Creon are exceptionally proud, making it impossible for either one of them to down again once they have taken a position upon something. This kind of character flaw leads to their very own downfall. In contemporary occasions, we can bring up this type of tragic hero to powerful figures like Jesse Rumsfeld, who not oscillate from his positions until others have paid a heavy price for his pride. One other theme is definitely Moral Rules vs . Human Law. This really is shown when Antigone’s notion influences her to bury her brother, which clashes with Creons law of the state. 2 weeks . decision of whether or not morals needs to be placed over a human rules.

A semi-modernexample of this show up in World War II where the soldiers was required to decide among their honnête or the decision of the condition in the s i9000 of the Jews. The third and final central theme may be the position of woman. This really is brought up a couple of times in Antigone. Creon feels that female are subordinate to males and should under no circumstances be put as high as men. This is also evident in present times mainly because even now females do not have a similar opportunities because men perform although females have come far in just this kind of century. There always exists tragic characters in any society. They are usually high-quality people who surge and along with the public eyesight. Hopefully, those of us who view their reports unfold can easily learn from their experiences by debating the merits of the decisions a one-time leading man made to give him/her tragic. The presence of a tragic main character is evident in society because still we have people who are examples of tragic hero’s.


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