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Launched about 3rd of October 2009 by the McLaren’s Group that can be a brand with wonderful passion towards improvement of motor unit sports in Sri Lanka, SpeedDrome (Pvt) Ltd. is just about every Pro/Go-karter’s heaven on earth. Located amidst green pasture in close proximity to the parliament complex and Buddhadasa enjoy ground in Battaramulla, Speedrome is a fully equipped and professionally built in race track consisting of 19 go-karts, computerized time and rating systems, professionally trained personnel, designated viewer areas and air-conditioned VIP gallery, most for the sake of featuring their customers together with the best encounter that they can provide.

Go-karting could possibly be Speed Drome’s main item but they don’t have stopped there as far as the entertainment feature is concerned, with a sports tavern and a deluxe lounge.

These two additional companies are provided can be to sponsor parties or any type of corporate incidents. Speed Drome also has considered an motivation in providing a swimming pool to cater to discriminating corporate executives and visible lifestyles.

As for the little kids, Velocity Drome provides taken the liberty of creating a kiddies race track as well. Simply put, Speed Drome aims to always be not only an attraction pertaining to Pro/Go-kart fans everywhere although also to provide the entire family members with enjoyment activities and entertainment. Velocity Drome provides gained much popularity ever since its release, with an exhibition kart race when the participation of Yoshitha Rajapaksa, Aravinda De Silva the previous cricketer that is a keen fan of motor cars combined with lady speed S. A. Lakshika and Jackson Anthony were mentioned.

Karting championships such as “Speed Drome All Island Karting Championship Times 1-3  show off precisely what Speed Drome is all about numerous professional formulation one individuals take part in these types of competitions demonstrating the real skill involved in Go/Pro-karting, while getting even more potential clients and resulting in other karting championships. Finally the major advantage for Velocity Drome is the fact that that it is the one and only Go/Pro-Karting service in Ceylon (veraltet) as yet and with its added assets Speed Drome’s foreseeable future seems extremely fruitful with all the necessary requirements being preserved.

The Expanded Marketing blend

1 ) Product

Within a service firm, the product can be referred to the service being delivered to the customer which is intangible, inseparable, varying and perishable. The speed Drome (Pvt) Limited. (Appendix 1) offers a number ofservices which may be explained with regards to entertainment, amusement and encounter. Their main focus is definitely on offering their customers together with the experience of real Pro-Kart sporting (Appendix 2) and in addition to this other entertainment and leisure time services are provided including the Kiddies track, (Appendix 3) the sporting activities bar (Appendix 4) plus the swimming pool (Appendix 5) combined with Luxurious Lay (Appendix 6).

The nature of the service when it comes to:

Intangibility: Authentic services happen to be intangible. Consequently when you keep Speed Drome there is just one memory or perhaps the experience that remains, which is riding a pro-kart on the only available put in place Sri Lanka. A lot of elements are tangible including the karts employed, the swim pool and so forth, but the primary benefit of the purchase can be not, and that is the pure experience of driving a pro-kart and sense its speed. Inseparability: The service furnished by Speed Drome is fiel as the physical presence of a consumer is essential through this service. However , with the help of it is physical methods the overall assistance takes place the moment only the consumer that is the person interested in operating a pro-kart meets the service provider.

Perishability: Karting or any type of other assistance provided by the company must be consumed when offered. It may not be produced right now for intake at a later stage / time nor will they be held or filled because the benefit of this service exists in the point when it is required. Variability: This service is highly adjustable because Speed Drome is the only service provider for kart racing in Sri Lanka at the moment. It has its very own standardised quality which will cannot be taken part with one other form of entertainment service, mainly because it provides a exceptional and a different experience.

The aforementioned characteristics establish the services they give which appeal to youngsters and veteran drivers alike.

2 . Price

Pricing is among the most important advertising mix decisions and it is the sole marketing blend variable that generates earnings. Speed Drome (Pvt) Ltd. is a profit and expense oriented corporation.

Their primary objectives in order to:

* Maximize their profits

* Achieve a goal return on investment

* Recover investment costs over a particular time period Also to

* Generate quantity so as to lower costs.

Velocity Drome will not pursue its condition or revenue oriented objectives as it is the sole organization specializes in this particular industry in Sri Lanka. As a result of same explanation Speed Drome follows the purchase price skimming strategy. Their prices for all the solutions are relatively high (even though they will don’t have competitors in the same industry) in comparison to the other entertainment forms available in the market. This is due to the service quality, graphic and to prevent competitors your market quickly.

The following are the present prices mounted on the services staying provided by Acceleration Drome:

* Pro-Karting/ Go-Karting (10 minutes) ” Rs. 750

* Cheerful Hours Karting (every Wednesday 3pm-8pm) ” Rs. 500

2. Swimming pool costs (unlimited) per person ” Rs. 450

* Membership rights Benefits:

* Membership rights free Rs. 15000

* Rs. 750 seat tickets for Rs. 500

* Kart trainer quantity Rs. truck for Rs. 1000

* Associates can use pool free, further guest with members incurred only Rs. 250 every single

5. 10% lower price for corporate and business package with fully make use of pool and entertainment location. Additionally the contest fees, party fees and training system fees will be charged.

3. Place

The place part of the marketing mix is where the consumer receives the service or perhaps where the service is located. Acceleration Drome is situated in close closeness to the Legislative house Complex and Bhuddhadasa Enjoy Ground, in Battaramulla. They have situated on its own around key cities just like Colombo, Rajagiriya, Nugegoda and Pitakotte which can be all extremely residential areas have all been thought out very carefully by Speed Drome administration prior to development. This is to enhance their target audience which is basically the upper class of community since although the expense for using a Go-Kart (which can be something very rare to do in Sri Lanka) seems reasonable as far as the price for preserving the Karts and tools needed get, Unfortunatelythough for most of Sri Lankan’s the retail price to pay for this experience is highly unreasonable.

The area in which the Market (or facility) has been created on is incredibly large and compliments the Track well and to add the lush landscapes surrounding the velocity Drome gives this trail a unique think to it. Speed Dome’s location provides one more key benefit which can be that it’s just a drive away not only from the metropolitan areas surrounding this but likewise from other major cities inside the district just like Colombo and Dehiwala and so forth Over all the decision to build Speed Drome in which it is an very well thought and strategic approach which has proven and is yet to keep bringing in results.

4. Promotion

Special offers have become a critical factor in the service marketing mix. Solutions are easy to always be duplicated and therefore it is usually the brand which will sets a service apart from its counterpart. As mentioned under the subject ‘Place’ Rate Drome’s advertising mix carters to a chosen segment, which can be known as Niche marketing. Its support is all about featuring entertainment for those who desire the ‘need pertaining to speed’. What better way to communicate regarding this sheer encounter which can be received at only one place in Sri Lanka other than advertising the support? The obvious competitive advantages Velocity Drome has are:

2. Service Difference

The only center that provides karting experience in Sri Lanka.

5. Image Difference

Karts that are only available for Speed Drome in Ceylon (veraltet) and the exceptional logo itself distinguish the service offered.

How Acceleration Drome gets through to the client

The main target of Speed Drome should be to make the potential clients well aware of the new services. Hence the subsequent methods are mainly used to enhance their service-

* Weekly offered special karting hours

* ‘Happy Hours’ Just about every Tuesday via 3pm-8pm

(Rs. 750 tickets in Rs. 500)

(Appendix 7)

* Karting competitions

5. Thank God its Contest Day Competition (Appendix 8)

2. All Isle Karting Shining (Appendix being unfaithful, 10)

* Exhibit kart events of celebrities (Appendix 11)

* Magazines

2. News Newspaper advertisements

Ex: Daily Mirror, On the Times, On the Observer

* Journals

Ex: Things to do in Colombo, Confidence, Hi and so forth

* Internet marketing

* Social network groupings

Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: The official Facebook or myspace Group with latest updates. Twitter and so forth


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