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Executive Summary

Our Procter & Wager Strategic Plan makes available an investigation and examination of the current and potential opportunities intended for the company based upon in-depth industry and company research. Studies are based on normal business strategy analysis equipment, which are: Strengths, Weaknesses, Chances & Risks (SWOT) examination, External and Internal Elements Evaluation (EFE/IFE) Matrices, and standard monetary analyses including competitive comparability with Procter & Gamble’s industry. Tactical alternatives had been evaluated with the aid of the Internal-External (IE) Matrix and the Grand Strategy Matrix which given into the Quantitative Strategic Organizing Matrix (QSPM).

The effects of the QSPM validated the best strategy to pursue.

The best strategy for Procter & Gamble is definitely the production of less expensive, but same quality consumer products, which we plan to put into practice without diminishing our opinion in top quality and efficiency.


In order to commence a strategic arrange for a company it is important to understand what that organization does. Since 1837, P&G has built a rich heritage of holding consumers’ lives with brands that make your life a little better every day (“Company Heritage,  2011).

P&G believes that advancement will preserve them. They have a broad range of brands and are also known as the planet’s leading top quality consumer company since their products are sold in 180 countries (“Global Framework & Governance,  2011). Buhovac, Epstien, and Yuthas, in their publication Implementing Sustainability: the position of leadership and organizational culture, had written: “P&G managers have widened

their particular organizational perspective to see the wider picture and capture rewards beyond a specific issue or cost. They strive to create products that enable consumers to be more environmentally lasting. Improving productivity of the entire product life cycle from cradle to burial plot is a key focus of P&G’s sustainability efforts ( g. 44. ). A brief glance at the history of P&G and their mission/ vision claims will provide an improved understanding of what kind of company P&G is and wants to become. History

In respect to Procter and Gamble’s website, P&G was created on October thirty-one, 1837 simply by brother-n-laws, William Procter and James Gamble. Each 1 had their own skills; William made candle lights and Wayne produced soap. They formed Procter and Gamble to make and sell candle lights and cleaning soap (“P&G: A firm History,  2006). The two entrepreneurs were successful in making it throughout the financial difficulties of the time. The greatest impact on the business at this time was your civil battle in which the govt contracted the corporation to supply troops with cleaning soap and candle lights (“P&G: An organization History,  2006).

Edison’s light bulb invention caused the necessity for wax lights to weaken and the organization began to give attention to making detergent by opening up their initial research laboratory. The research lab came up with Off white flakes which will served because soap to scrub clothes and dishes. Chipso was the initially soap created for washing machines. Dreft was the initially synthetic house-hold cleaner and Crisco, typically around today, was an all-vegetable shortening (“P&G: A business History,  2006). As a result time on, P&G features continued to be impressive and create new products intended for consumers and in 2011 rated number 21 on the Good fortune 500 list (“Fortune five-hundred,  2011). Mission and Vision Assertion

Procter and Gamble has created a quest statement to see what their very own business is definitely. “Sometimes called a creed statement, a statement of purpose, a press release of beliefs, a statement of beliefs, a statement of rules, or a affirmation ‘defining each of our business, ‘ a quest statement reveals what a company wants to become and to whom it really wants to serve (David, 2011, l. 44).

P&G’s mission statement says, “Procter & Chance will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. Therefore consumers can reward all of us with industry leadership in sales, income, and worth creation, enabling our people, our investors, and the residential areas in which we all live and work to prosper (David, 2011, g. 46). P&G has also created a vision declaration that states, “Procter & Gamble’s perspective is to be, and be recognized as, the best consumer goods company in the world (David, 2011, s. 44).

Proctor & Gamble’s mission and vision assertions explain their dedication and importance of providing high quality products in order to boost people’s lives around the world whilst providing jobs and stimulating the economy (“Purpose and People,  2011). The objectives the company would like to uphold in really fulfilling the mission statement happen to be building existing businesses into stronger global leaders, increase to reach more markets, boost higher margins with global leadership potential, and generate more goods in order to meet all consumers’ needs and wants. L & G believes they can improve every person’s lives in ways that enable them to thrive, to enhance the quality of living, and over period make them faithful buyers (“Purpose and People,  2011). TACTICAL ASSESSMENT

One of the important areas of the ideal formulation stage of the tactical management method is the examination of a organization, both outwardly and internally, and wherever that company stands in their industry. The results of those assessments will produce information that can be analyzed to determine the ideal strategic plans for evaluation based on you can actually present circumstance.

The exterior assessment discusses forces over and above a industry’s control; chances that can improve and risks that can damage their businesses. The internal evaluation looks at pushes from within that are either strong points that can be capitalized on or weaknesses that needs to be offset, or perhaps both, for success. Financial and operational research, using the Gloomy and Bradstreet business ratios, looks at a company’s financial and operational success, or perhaps failure, as compared with competition in their industry.

Exterior Forces Evaluation (EFE) Matrix

The next analysis can be an external evaluation of the opportunities and risks that can affect Procter & Gamble. The External Factors Evaluation

matrix, Determine A-1, and this supporting synopsis draw data from published reports, information articles, and blogs to ensure as develop a picture as it can be is offered. The following chances and hazards discussed refer back to Figure A-1.

Possibilities. As Procter and Gamble is looking to find ways to bring in consumers, they have applied a method of observation to see what folks are concerned about and what they want (Silverman, 2011). By spending $2 billion every year on R&D, Procter and Gamble have got brought after the company the opportunity, as they think about Future Growth plans which has a focus on elevating concentration on the core attractive business and enhancing their customer base.

Likewise, Procter & Gamble has become applying for and being given patents to get “fabric proper care compositions and systems composed of organ silicone micro emulsions and methods employing same¦ assigned Obvious for Computerized Dishwashing Detergent Composition¦and Method for Dealing with a Hard Surface area using an EO/PO Trisiloxane (“Targeted Media Source, 2011). As ladies want the natural appear, there is a activity towards the make use of herbal cosmetics (“The Procter & Gamble company ” Financial and strategic analysis review,  2011).

As the manufacturer of cosmetics, Procter & Gamble have an possibility to capitalize within this opportunity by simply shifting all their production and buy from synthetic cosmetics to natural, organic cosmetics. While the developer of Plant based Essences, a chance to increase a line of “herbal cosmetics and healthcare items is wide open for the taking.

Procter & Chance have an excellent opportunity to make use of the emerging economies of countries like China, Kuwait, and India (“The Procter & Bet company ” Financial and strategic examination review, 2011). With increased work and the growing desire for importance, there is a rise in disposable profits available for the purchase of regarded brands into a market which includes little transmission from other prepared retailers (“The Procter & Gamble firm ” Financial and proper analysis review, 2011). An additional opportunity Procter & Bet has developed is usually to branch out and invest in manufacturing in developing countries such as its chemical company, Procter & Gamble SA. “It is among the newest P&G subsidiaries¦in South Africa principally into production for cleaning products and magnificence care products.

P&G uses the South Africa base to export to neighboring SADC countries,  (“Procter & Gamble SA ” Proper SWOT Evaluation Review,  2011). This kind of opportunity will help offset a slowing economy in the United States wherever Procter & Gamble currently generate 41% of their 2011 sales (Hoovers, 2011).

As the manufacturer of Iams and Eukanuba pet foods, Procter & Gamble contains a prime opportunity to capitalize on the growing tendency of humanization of pets worldwide (“The Procter & Gamble business ” Economical and tactical analysis review, 2011). Procter & Gamble’s market share of pet meals and personal family pet care products could be increased through an increase in their very own line of superior quality food and luxury products (“The Procter & Bet company ” Financial and strategic examination review, 2011).

With the drop in the market and rising government debt, Jonathan Chevreau printed on his Economical Post Blog Wealthy boomer a letter written by Robert Smith, CFA, CFP where Robert composed that investors should be going towards getting stocks via “solid dividend-paying companies ( 2011). Procter & Wager were cited as one of the firms that are a sure bet as a result of diversity and necessity of many. Procter & Gamble may capitalize about this by continuous to provide a dividend on their stocks and shares which should catch the attention of more shareholders. There is a fresh trend advancing in the baby diaper sector. Competitor Kimberly-Clark has hopped into the trend with Huggies jeans; a diaper that looks like it can be jeans materials. Now they are producing a camouflage design diaper for Wal-Mart that will support Military families.

Procter and Gamble features recognized the new trend by simply introducing floral prints for females. John Brase, head of North American baby care advertising at Procter and Gamble is stated in an article by Bruce Horovitz (2011) because saying, “You have a team of moms focused on fashion whom think of the diaper as an extension of clothing.  Another opportunity for Procter and Gamble is the demand for environmentally friendly products. In recent years there has been an elevated focus on conserving the earth through green options. This prospect has motivated Procter and Gamble to become publicly dedicated to long-term desired goals of lowering energy consumption, converting to entirely renewable energy sources, applying 100% renewable or reused materials, and eliminating fingertips of consumer and developing waste in landfills (Pandis, 2011).


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