Archetypes are found in lots of stories and in many performs of literary works. An archetype is a widespread symbol that brings out a deep response in everybody. The good or evil archetype is seen in many action and adventure videos and tales. The leading man archetype is definitely where a person goes on a journey and faces problems along his/her journey. The hero archetype is seen in Harry Knitter and The Sorcerers Stone, Sundiata, and Spider Man.

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The hero archetype is seen during the movie of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.

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Harry has a call up to experience which is the first area of the hero circuit. He initially learns about the man being a wizard when Hagrid brakes throughout the door to his house and tells him about Hogwarts. This shows the hero archetype because the very first step to as being a hero is having a call to experience. Harry has a special tool which is his wand and it was the brother with the wand that killed his parents.

This demonstrates Harry can be described as hero since true heros have a special weapon that only they would use. Harry has an ultimate obstacle which this individual faces along his journey. His supreme challenge can be Voldemort which in turn Harry battles and benefits. This displays the main character archetype because along the leading man cycle the hero encounters an supreme challenge. In Harry Knitter and the Sorcerers Stone the hero archetype is displayed.

The main character archetype is viewed in the account Sundiata. In Sundiata, Sundiata, has an strange birth. When he is born and growing up he wasn’t able to walk. Sundiata overcame his problems to get walking and like a main character he implies that he did not want to quit on a thing that was difficult to overcome. Sundiata has a assistant that helps him throughout the story. His helper is Superbe Feseke and he was Sundiata’s griot. This kind of shows the hero archetype because the helpers/mentors are apart of the hero cycle. Sundiata also has a particular weapon. Sundiata uses a rooster claw against Souomaro Kante. This displays the hero archetype because most heroes have a weapon that only they can use. In Sundiata the hero archetype is seen through out the story.

In Spiderman the hero archetype is displayed through out the complete movie. Peter Parker otherwise known as spiderman contains a traumatic function that led up to his quest to become a hero. Peter’s uncle drops dead by a person shooting him but very little did Philip know that it’s the guy that Peter passes to let him have theelevator. This is exhibiting the hero archetype mainly because if Peter’s uncle would not die after that Peter may have never utilized his electrical power for good use. When peter is young his parents died together to move and live with his aunt and uncle.

Peter went to the realm of the known to the realm with the unknown if he moves in with his aunt and uncle. This is exhibiting the leading man archetype mainly because Peter provides a tough time developing up and he must move far from his very own land exactly like superman was required to when he was just a baby. Spiderman needs to face a great ultimate obstacle which is saving money Goblin. Spiderman is facing his biggest enemy but it is also his best friends father. This displays the leading man archetype by Spiderman facing his supreme enemy like every hero features. The hero archetype is viewed in many areas of Spiderman.

In Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, Sundiata, and Spiderman the hero archetype is observed. Archetypes are being used all through out literature and also other writings. There are many archetypes which have been seen in every movie and stories.


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