A history of two political activism good examples

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The twentieth century was riddled with huge amounts of personal activism and protests. There have been countless numbers of political organizations and organizations attempting to obtain message approved and goals completed. Two examples of personal activism would be the Disneyland Gay and lesbian Days as well as the attempted MTV protest from the early 2000’s. Although the MTV protest isn’t very technically in the twentieth 100 years, it nonetheless draws several similarities and includes the majority of the same attributes of a protest during the prior century. The MTV demonstration had little or no success by simply aggressively protesting against the power of MTV plus the war in Afghanistan, even though the groups associated with Gay Days and nights were extremely successful in improving Disney’s acceptance with the homosexual way of living.

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Disney Gay Days is a day or two in which recommends of homosexual rights gather at Disneyland in an attempt to gain equality. This started in 1978, when the La Bar and Restaurant Affiliation, consisting of entirely gay bars and restaurants, decided to use Disneyland since the location for an event. Nevertheless , Disney was unaware these restaurants had been gay and using the Disney platform to exhibit how they are discriminated against and cared for unfairly in not only Disneyland but all of America. Disney attempted to suppress the event by simply cancelling music and increasing security to remain up their particular reputation of which represents conservative American cultural landscapes and heterosexual families. This prejudice against gays continued for a few even more years, and 1980 “two gay men teenagers went to a Date Nighttime at Disneyland and purposefully danced together¦in order to challenge parks policy against same sex dancing¦[This ended] with Disney reliability escorting the men off the floor and out of the park” (Griffin 129). However , this soon might all transform. In the wake of the AIDS epidemic from the 1980’s, Disney began helping Gay Times and tried it as a benefit for SUPPORTS culture. Homosexual Days is currently an annual celebration in which Disney supports completely. The gay community’s perseverance in sneaking past Disney turned out to help them approach closer to equality. Also, this didn’t damage that the gays were having to pay customers which has a lot of revenue and pr would boost with greater acceptance.

On the other hand, the MTV protests were much less successful in enabling their meaning heard and acted upon. Inside the early 2000’s a group of teenagers attempted to can get on the cameras at MTV’s Total Request Live in New York City and show their signs protesting the conflict in Afghanistan and corporate electrical power. Sandra Garcia, a protestor, explained, “We are in so much pain, why could we want to instill it upon other countries? We are brainwashed by TELEVISION SET and brands: MTV and America are attempting to overpower additional countries” (Quart 198). MTV security escorted the protestors off the home, ultimately MTV was as well powerful and wouldn’t stand idle although protestors attempted to bring them straight down. The event got little to no accomplishment producing alter.

Ultimately the Disney Days protests and the MTV protests differed in the fact the Gay Days and nights were attempting to join Disney and become equal, while the MTV protests attempted to compete against MTV. Trying to fight any massively powerful corporation will not be a powerful protest, such as the MTV demonstration. For example in case the Gay Days participants attempted to keep people out of the area, instead of spending and playing park celebrations, there is no doubt Disney would be effective enough to seal down the politics group. In conclusion, The Gay and lesbian Days protests worked mainly because they presented Disney a simple solution that would help their organization by generating revenue and creating positive public relations, while the MTV protests were unsuccessful because their message was attempting to hurt MTV and MTV was effective enough to make sure their viewers did not see the messages trying to bring them down.

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