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Two young teen boys happen to be dropped off on the mall and the parents manage some chores. Armed with ten bucks every and some time to kill, the boys set out to roam the halls trying to find anything they can spend their money on. When walking near to the food the courtroom they capture a whiff of many different traditional foods, but what they will see genuinely catches their particular eye. On the banner close to Burger King stands an advertisement of a wide-eyed young young lady with her mouth open up facing a BK (Burger King) “Seven Incher” hamburger. The written text around the image reads, “It’ll blow your brain away” in every caps. Human hormones racing, the two boys really know what the bulk of their cash will be invested in.

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Firms who create advertisements intended for products which can be essentially “a dime a dozen” will certainly seek to publish something that stands apart. Was this technique the best possible way to do so? Or might that create more problems than good for White castle? I’m going to associated with argument that BK uses sex in advertisements to their young male viewers, rather than specifically using their items. I will accomplish this by analyzing Burger King’s target audience, their history of advertising, and the coupure and pictures incorporated in their messages.


Potential audience is defined as “a specific group within a larger audience”. Goal audiences are being used in marketing by businesses who want to reach a specific market of people and in addition share particular demographic qualities. Slogans happen to be “a brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising or promotion” (Merriam Webster, 2015, 2). Companies use these to create an advertisement connect with all their target audience.


Burger King’s target audience once these advertisements were manage was a younger male-focused group (Morrison, 2012, 1). Lately Burger King offers branched away and developed newer, healthier options for their menu. Nevertheless , the unoriginal “manly meat” menu that they previously carried appealed directly to their customers. The “seven-inch burger” ad ran with the skinny unit covered in makeup, oral cavity open and eyes wide, facing the burger while the written meaning read, “It’ll blow the mind away”. One other advertisement BK ran was the legs of a woman from your knee straight down, while your woman only would wear red high heel pumps and a Burger King top around her ankles. Plainly, this gives the illusion that she would be wearing small but the “crown” and once again points directly to the sexual character and general target audience of the brand. Combine the audience with the effective sexual messages, and White castle all of a sudden certainly not selling worth meals and sides but rather sexual innuendos directly geared towards their male-dominant young target audience.

Burger King has a great running advertisements that have been unquiet and sexually suggestive during the last 20 years. Since Burger King has a product and product line that is certainly duplicated by many (that staying the take out and hamburger industry), they can be essentially not really advertising merely their item and prices but instead a snapshot of what they provide combined with sex. In the advertising campaign with the girl wearing the BK crown around her ankles, her shoes are a dark shade of red. Red is definitely the “most psychologically intense color, red energizes a faster heartbeat and breathing” (Johnson, 2015, 5). The color reddish colored also “exudes a strong and powerful assertive energy” when “stimulating deeper and more personal passions in us, such as love and sex” (Scott-Kemmis, 2015, 6). It simply had not been just by chance that BK chose to place red shoes or boots on a model with a suggestive notation placed on it, although instead a carefully created message was executed to maximize their particular profits because of their audience.

The created slogans in each individual communication, while it has something to do with the items they offer, debatably has just all the to do with lovemaking suggestions. “It’ll blow your thoughts away” can be described as message created about sexual intercourse, with the merchandise in mind. “Irresistibly long beefy” is another motto by White castle that possesses that same double normal of appropriate the product and sex. Because this message is definitely written in all of the capital albhabets, the advertisement provides vibe which the message is definitely masculine and never afraid to hide the dual meaning. Inside the advertisement that solely gets the woman’s hip and legs with the BK crown around her ankles, there are simply no words that appear on the publication except for a small photo of a new product they are introducing. Because there are no words braiding the picture to the specific product, it seems to get an obvious sort of thinking sexual first, then their general brand. With the knowledge that their target audience is young and male focused, this advertisement tactic might be the best possible option, even though morally it may seem dishonest or incorrect.

While it can be true that sex does sell, possibly the reason why that they had to incorporate additional products and focus on a new market was since the food sector was not the best place to sport that idea. There is certainly clearly without doubt that these adverts were published with the idea of sex first and their products and company second. Taking a look at the original audience, history of print out advertisements, plus the written coupure on each, there is absolutely no question that their concentrate was making use of the sector of their small male viewers. It is safe to say White castle thought the simplest way to do so was through the method of mesmerizing clients with women and sexually indicative messages.

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