Inside the article Politics and Patriotism in Education, Joel Westheimer made a distinction of what it means to adhere to “authoritarian patriotism” and “democratic patriotism. ” The author describes authoritarian patriotism as the belief that one’s nation is inherently superior to others and nonquestioning loyalty to ones region, leaders and support them unconditionally. On the opposing aspect Westheimer describes democratic patriotism as the belief that a nation’s ideals are worthy of value and admiration and the questioning deliberative total care for the people of world based on particular principles.

Westheimer felt the requirement to clarify the distinction with the two types of patriotism as it seems that patriotism is definitely beginning to be forced upon the people and mainly the students, and if people even second suppose the government’s decisions they shall be condemned simply by his or her peers and colleagues. Throughout the document there were a lot of examples of the wrongful treatment subjected after teachers to get giving youngsters a different point of view and each time they were cared for like outcast and forced to reinstate every thing if that they wanted to continue to keep their work.

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It is very clear to say that Westheimer positioned these examples in the content to show just how this is no more the land of the cost-free if people are being forced to provide themselves because patriotic and believe that America can do no incorrect. It seems like once 9/11 happened, it was like a gateway event pertaining to governmental representatives to introduce the practice of patriotism to students. There were multiple bills approved in multiple states designating patriotic techniques and allocating funding pertaining to courses created specifically to inform registrants of why it can be good being an American.

It appears as if the writer believes the authoritarian patriotism is becoming more popularly utilized in schools is because the federal government made it mandatory to learn about how exactly “good” America is, of course, if you choose to consider otherwise you will be punished in one form yet another. The perfect example for Severe patriotism in the article was when the 17 year old David form Co was hung for placing flyers about having a peaceful rally against the war in Iraq. This example makes 1 think, how can one love thy country if the country is definitely opposed to positive criticism? Or how can one appreciate thy county if the thing America was found on, when it comes to life and liberty for all, does not apply to decision making for the taxpaying citizens?

Following reading this document I truly believe in what Westheimer was declaring, because if you force just one way of thinking or believing, it might be less effective. All of us as Us citizens will no longer take pleasure in our nation because we really love the country, rather we will cherish our nation because we certainly have no other choice otherwise we will be punished. I as well believe that the government was extremely conniving in terms of introducing this kind of authoritarian patriotism right after 9/11 when everyone was hurt and vulnerable.

I cannot help yet think that that they purposely continued to wait until some thing tragic took place to instill this way of thinking on to kids because they know since time progresses the more persons began to problem authority, through instilling this kind of mentality while they are small, you do not have to consider them whilst they are old and have a developed a mature conscience. When reading, I actually also immediately related the authoritarian patriotism to aged Great Britain by which if anyone opposed the ruler, he or she will be punished for treason consequently forcing everyone to conform or become punished. The irony in it all is, is or are these claims not the particular thing they we wished freedom by?

Did we all or did we certainly not fight for liberation of this unjust mindset? I guess it is very clear to say background has a way of echoing itself.

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