4 steps to writing about a poem Essay

Paterson constrasts this kind of beauty in the bush with all the harsh, soiled life inside the city plus the effect this has on persons. •List a number of visual images, using adjectives and adverbs with unfavorable connotations: ‘my dingy small office’ and a ‘stingy/Ray of sunlight struggle feebly down’ •Also uses audio images to produce an unpleasant feeling and ‘the ceaseless tramp of feet. ‘ Information of people in the city implies they are carried away and uncaring of others. Communicated by adverse adjectives and internal vocally mimic eachother: ‘with their very own eager eye and money grubbing, and their stunted forms and weedy. ‘ •The composition concludes while using persona wishing he could exchange his city your life in an ‘office’ for ‘a turn for droving’ yet he relises Clancy may not ‘suit’ his city existence. 4 procedure for writing about a poem

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