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Though successful treatment programs do exist, without the appropriate and enough personal support systems pertaining to the individual girls with drug abuse histories urge is highly indicated (Goler ain al. 08; Dowdell ain al. 2009). Nursing practice must take this factor into mind when recommending and featuring care and seeking out methods for the long-term health and wellness of pregnant and post-pregnant sufferers.

Changes to Medical Practice

Current research suggests that the most effective manner in which nursing practice can be altered to fight and/or reduce the effects of substance abuse during pregnancy is usually through early on detection of abuse through effective screening process processes (Neushotz Fitzpatrick 2008; Cox ainsi que al. 2007; Goler et al. 2008). Substance abuse verification is an evident first step inside the treatment of substance abuse issues, and quite often the identification and acknowledgement with the individual of the substance abuse problem reveals a major step forward in the patient’s own acknowledgement of the issue and practice of self-care (Cox ain al. 2007).

After verification has been completed, treatment and care plans must take each individual individuals particular circumstances into account once suggesting methods for seeking outpatient or inpatient treatment intended for substance abuse issues; the degree of big difference in situations plus the magnitude of its effects on powerful resistance via continued substance abuse can make a thorough treatment plan challenging to outline (Dowdell et al. 2009). Guidance visits via trained staff – that could easily include nurses who had received enough education and training in the necessary perspectives and practices – have effective in continuing resistance and recovery from substance abuse challenges both during and following pregnancy, producing the nonmedical aspects of breastfeeding practice and care particularly crucial when it comes to this matter (Goler ain al. 2008). In general, an awareness and explicit discussion of the matter with the individual in an understanding and available manner is one of the primary ways that nurses can effectively encounter and handle substance abuse problems amongst women that are pregnant.


Substance abuse remains a controversial concern both socially and medically. In the case of pregnant women, however , a defieicency of the baby – to get whom choice is not an choice – the issue takes on a fresh urgency. Nevertheless no program of treatment is completely effective, you will find measures that could be taken to limit the tenacity and harm caused by substance abuse in expecting mothers.


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