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Define “ethics” as explained in our textbook: Ethics identifies our efforts to figure out that which you do and how we should live. It requires the challenge of figuring out the right way to justify our behavior both equally to yourself and others. several Who are the most important stakeholders in the subsequent examples inside our textbook? 1 ) Tylenol: Doctors, nurses, mothers, fathers and children. installment payments on your Novo Nordisk: People with diabetes 3. GENERAL ELECTRIC Healthcare in India: Heath care services 4. Merck: Members of society and provide very good to people in need around the world.. An employee is usually accused of altering a company’s monetary ledgers.

After questioning, automobile exclaims that he was just following the supervisor’s orders. Automobile is using which approval for his unethical patterns? Distancing from responsibility your five.

What are 3 of the ways to avoid rationalizations? Initial the generalizability test; which in turn states for making similar decision when confronted with similar concerns. Next the publicity evaluation; this test aims to make certain one can defend their explanation, simply is it really and can it be looked after.

The last test is the reversibility test; this kind of suggests adding one in another’s shoes. Carry out onto others as you might have done to you. 6. What are the 3 Decision Guidelines named in the book? 1 . Trapped to execute 2 . Coming from virtue integrity to character and associations 3. Uses and outcomes 9. Precisely what are the 3 Amount Stakeholder Platform? 1 . Value proposition in the organization installment payments on your Principles of stakeholder assistance 3. Admiration for social standers of conduct. twelve.

In the case examine about Merck, for what disease were that they asked to supply medication? Lake blindness 1 . What are Kohlberg’s 6 Stages of Moral Development? 1 . Pre-convectional – Consequence and obedience – individual instrument goal and exchange.

2 . Convectional – mutual Interpersonal targets and interactions conformity – law and order alignment 3. Post- convectional – prior rights Social speak to, utility – universal moral principles 14. True or False: According to the Stakeholder Platform, the concerns of Investors are not essential. False: However they should have an excellent and defensible reason when they choose not to address a stakeholder 15. True or perhaps False: Bribery is appropriate when doing business internationally where it truly is commonly practiced. False: bribery is an unacceptable practice 16.

Identity 4 of DeGeorge’s 15 Principles pertaining to Cross Cultural Management. 1 . Do not any intentional harm. 2 . Produce more good than harm for web host. 3. Contribute to host advancement. 4. Esteem human legal rights of workers.

17. In the video of ‘The Office”, what are five ethical concerns portrayed? 1) Getting low cost on paper pertaining to sexual acts.

2) Upper level management overlooked reason for price cut paper 3) Stealing company time. ) Office director blew away ethics training course. 5) Giving immunity and revoking this after the appointment is a great ethics issue. 18.

The case or False: Enron was at the ice cream cone organization. False: they sold energy. 19. What is the difference between primary and secondary stakeholders?

Primary stakeholders are people and groupings most troubled by the outcome of the business activities. Value sequence and definitional stakeholders. Supplementary stakeholders will be individuals or perhaps groups not directly affected by the results of organization operations.

Instrumental stakeholders.

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