We realize the Enron scandal and the effect to the society and business world. The ethical requirements and making decisions have become a dominant element.

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Managers happen to be faced with conditions which they need to make what they consider is the proper decision. Persons make different choices based on what they believe and their ethical beliefs. The Ethics Awareness Inventory (EAI) identifies a combination of wide-ranging characterizations symbolizing four types of ethical philosophy, which are Persona, Obligation, Outcomes, and Fairness. They have been designed to assist in the introduction of a further understanding of personal ethical points of views and styles. These descriptions are accustomed to analyze a few of the characteristics of my own perspective on ethics according to my recommended answers when faced with moral issues.

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I would observe my own values by Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment and how individuals values line up with the beliefs of Kudler Fine Foods. Basically were a manager, how those could apply to the management at Kudler Great Foot of computer. According to the derive from the self-assessment, my first highest scores are Results. The ethical perspective impacts one’s decision and action.

My personal ethical Perspective is that carry out should be aimed promoting the highest good for the greatest number of individuals. In judging whether a great individual’s activities are ethical you look for concrete proof. Discussions regarding process and principles are generally not as important as precisely what is ultimately accomplished for the entire good of society. This category is most tightly aligned in philosophy with a utilitarian theory of ethics (The Williams Institute, 2008). My Honest Style focuses the delight for the majority with the people in society.

Honest Awareness Inventory indicates worries I could deal with in responding to ethical problems. I could include conflicts with those who are certainly not results-oriented and have various parts of view about determining what is beneficial for many and world. Considering my personal value is usually Results and i also analyze any connection among my ideals and my culture background or world. The country where I was adult was on the status of developing. After the civil war between Southern region Korea and North Korea, people wasn’t able to have the standard of living and personal preferences or choices.

People worked well for the organization and world with any kind of sacrifices to own majority of the common goal. There were no union in the business back then and no human legal rights. In the name of growing the country we couldn’t make our own opinions and sounds for the unfairness. The us government was very results-oriented and demanded the individuals’ eschew to achieve overall good of society and to help make it the designed country. Southern region Korea achieves the cultural goal during the short period.

All those social and culture skills could influence the majority who need to make honest decisions. I used to be educated in that society and learned that the utilitarian theory was enough to achieve the social desires. As the contemporary society has become designed, the every person is looking for their right and delight. The more several points of views can are present in the community.

With my values of Outcomes on Integrity Awareness Inventory I will clarify how the values reveal in controlling Kudler Fine Foods (KFF). Owning a company requires various talents and skillsets the growth of the company relies upon. Kudler Find Foods’ end eye-sight exists in the growth of the business enterprise and they want to make expansion into other locations, making the franchise retailers. As a director of KFF, analyzing the skills and weak point of firm and applying my personal ideals and encounter to the company’s values improve the productivity and management from the company. We am a results-oriented form of person simply by EAI in order to find a way to perform the goals and the end vision pertaining to the greatest feasible good for the organization.

Like To the south Korea, we can have the brightest development throughout the short period. Although seeking for the best good for the greatest number could cause the issues between the managing level as well as the employees, posting the perspective and the fulfillment of the ultimate goal may reduce conflicts. At the early on stage with the company the management operation tends to goal the expansion. KFF wish to expand the company and the results-oriented manager may meet the demand with the company.

The pursuit of the results can regard getting an honest decision because the bottom line as a result of ultimate goal. Fortunately my own second greatest score is Accountability. There is only one point big difference between Results and Accountability.

The honest perspective of Obligation aspects legal and human privileges. This means that I tend to consider the person’s actions to determine objective, rather than centering on results. Obligation supports Results to make an honest decision.

EAI assists myself to understand my own ethical point of view and style and would give to be able to have better decision-making ethically.

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