Do you exist since you think or do you think

In order to consider “I exist because I think” or perhaps “I think because We exist”, I might define the “I can be found because We think” while “I think” is the reason for “I exist”. This implies “I think” look before “I exist” and cause “I exist” to happen. In the other side, “I think since I exist” would be “I exist” is definitely the cause of “I think”. It indicates “I exist” appear ahead of “I think” and trigger “I think” to happen. Regarding logic, We would say “I think since I can be found ” much more appropriate.


It is because I need to exist initially, therefore I can think of my personal existence. Reasons for having me or perhaps myself are impossible to occur before my existence and cause my own existence. Inside the following paper, I would like to clarify why “I exist since I think” is false and describe “I believe because My spouse and i exist” is true. Let me first explain for what reason ‘I are present because I actually think’ is definitely false.

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If ‘I exist mainly because I think’ is true, whenever when I believe I exist and when I actually do not believe, I do not really exist. As I mentioned, “Think” seems to be the reason for my existence in this case.

Just how can my thinking exist prior to my existence and trigger my lifestyle. Therefore , I must exist first, then I may think about “I exist” or perhaps not. Actually every minute no matter what I are conscious or not, My spouse and i am existing in this world, If my body bodily is existing. For example , a person whose body functionally works but loss his conscious. He can still alive but he cannot think, we are unable to say he’s inexistent, as they is not dead. In other word, I am able to exist without “I think”, but “I think” can not be without My spouse and i exist.

Furthermore, as Descartes said “I think, therefore I am” to prove the indubitable truth of self-existence. He advised that every period when we doubt that “I” exist or perhaps not, we can absolute certain that “I” was existing at this time act. In that case he declared the wicked genius wasn’t able to deceive all of us “I exist” because prior to the evil genius’s deception, “I” must exist first, i then can be deceived in some way by the evil wizard. So “I exist” can be indubitable real truth. Similarly, to say “I think because I exist” applies, The initial criterion is usually I ust exist first. Therefore , I can think about my personal existence. Thus “I think” must basic on “I exist”. In contrast, if “I exist” is based on “I think”, this is not possible that “I think” seem before “I exist”. How could my mind and thinking can be found dependently? However some scientists may argue that brain wave a strategy that we refer to as ghosts may exist after life, they could be the other forms of individual thought “I think” showing without “I exist”. Yet , who have viewed ghost in this world? At least until today no one can prove ghosts can be found in this world.

So “I think” is certainly not the cause which i can are present. However , “I exist” is definitely the cause of I could think. To summarize, “I think” cannot exist without “I exist”. It must be “I exist” first after that “I think” “I exist”. As the next diagram displays: If it is “I exist mainly because I think”, it would be lacking I exist in the first place, because below plan shows: Absolutely nothing can can be found before on its own, so before I believe, I must exist. In other expression, “I exist” does not determined by “I think”, but “I think” do dependent on “I exist”. Therefore , “I believe because My spouse and i exist” is valid.


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