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What is a disaster? According to the Worldwide Federation of Red Cross and Crimson Crescent Communities a disaster is a sudden, calamitous event that seriously disrupts the operating of a community or world and causes human, material, and economic or environmental deficits that go over the community’s or society’s ability to cope using its personal resources. A tragedy causes an important disruption in day to day existence. Along with disasters unfortunately comes looting. So what precisely is looting?

Looting is definitely the action of stealing items usually industry of mass hysteria or perhaps panic. After having a disaster features occurred there is great dread and stress that occurs as well as for some people they may be not ready and prepared for the devastation. In this newspaper we will appear at why people loot during unfortunate occurances, famous problems where looting was running ramped, and what can be done to solve the issue. Looting is also something which is not limited to one type of disaster. Looting occurs during hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes simply to name a number of.

And so the big question is why do persons loot after a disaster provides occurred? There are many different reasons why persons feel they have to loot if a disaster offers occurred. You should know we see this kind of occurring is because we have a failure of contemporary society and the laws. Every time a disaster strikes society, as we knew that breaks down and peoples probe and anxiety about getting in trouble go away. People are also more unlikely to proper care what is going on since they are worried about themselves and their families.

There are also the people who also feel like they may be entitled to these things and deserve these things following your disaster provides occurred. One other major purpose is endurance. When a tragedy occurs people are in want and are in distress and are therefore more happy to loot and steal for them and the family to survive. There is also a theory called phycology of looting which is part of the phenomenon of “group dynamics”. People will do things within a group that they can would never consider appropriate independently, for example taking and entering stores and private homes.

What are several major problems that have took place where main looting occurred? One of the biggest thunder or wind storms that everyone knows about in which looting occurred very seriously was Katrina. Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a Category 3 surprise on Aug 29th 2006 with 127 mph winds. There was serious flooding problems for Gulfport, Mississippi, New Orleans, Louisiana, and areas between. Hurricane Katrina was probably the most catastrophic problems in history as a result of death depend and price. The total destruction for Katrina is estimated at $108 billion. If the storm struck it wiped out over two thousand persons cause severe damage to the city and criminal offenses skyrocketed to a all-time high. It would take those National Shield several days to arrive plus the police had been over whelmed and could not really handle every one of the crime and turmoil taking place.

Another storm I will mention can be hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 storm that strike Texas on August twenty-five, 2017. It caused $125 billion in damage. Harvey made landfall three times in six days and nights. At its maximum on September 1, 2017, one-third of Houston was underwater. Two feet of rain fell into the 1st 24 hours. Water damage forced 39, 000 people out of their homes and into pet shelters. Like in most disasters there were looting that occurred. There was clearly a news story, newspaper article published that discussed where a lady observed in distress as two boys strolled out of a big box shop carrying Video’s. This is just one single example of the type of looting that could occur after having a disaster strikes an area. Following this storm Harrisburg mayor attempted to combat this issue some nevertheless. The gran implemented a curfew generally because of the looting and the truth the city did not want this kind of occurring. Nearly 200 everyone was charged with crimes after hurricane Harvey hit the region.

The last storm Let me discuss can be hurricane Sandy was a massive storm that brought significant wind and flooding destruction. Flash flooding generated by storm’s persistent rainfall, substantial winds, and coastal thunderstorm surges wiped out 147 persons and created heavy destruction. At its very best extent, the storm measured more than 900 miles in diameter. The storm induced more than seventy dollars billion in damage in america. Just as in some other disaster there is heavy looting after hurricane Sandy strike the area.

There were many news articles or blog posts that talked about the looting. One homeowner said they returned home and found that their barn had the lock cut off and gas cans and ladders had been stolen. In Somerset State there was shattered glass littered outside of higher than a dozen businesses along a strip of Route twenty two that had been still left without power for nearly a couple weeks after Typhoon Sandy hit.

The next major typhoon I will discuss is Storm Hugo. During Hurricane Hugo in 1989, looting was ramped. Only ten percent from the businesses inside the three largest department stores had reported not being completely looted. It was also reported that there have been mainly 3 types of looting, delinquents who had taken consumer items, noncriminals who stole primarily from components stores, and people who took from grocery stores to get survival demands. These 3 were hurricanes that hit and looting occurred.

Another tragedy that goes along with hurricanes is tornados. Tornados may be just as damaging as hurricanes and cause great harm and break down. When the huracán hit Ok in 2013 it killed 24 people and brought on great damage. It was reported that people had been coming from all to steal and loot throughout the damage. A few of the main items that were becoming looted was copper cable, scrap material, and other products from homes. This is just one single tornado that may be used for instance but there are numerous tornados where looting was happening after the storm hit. One disaster that is not often considered is wildfires. We often discover on the news the wildfires that threaten homes and cause neighborhoods to be evacuated. Although the evacuation period may be short there still have been studies of looting occurring in homes which might be evacuated because of the fire.

Another disaster where looting is very large as well can be earthquakes. The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was in the same way bad with looting such as other problems. Looters will not only grab from

stores but through the dead too. The gran actually bought police to shoot any person caught looting and they would just that. During the Tangshan Earthquake of 1976, the most common criminal offense was mass looting. Due to death and destruction of communities, items were exposed and easily stolen by looters. During the Boom Earthquake of 2003, looting was the maximum the 72 hours following the disasters. Looters, who were generally outsiders from nearby neighborhoods, would take advantage of the prone by aimed towards valuable products, they would grab from homes damaged throughout the earthquake, and even cut off the

hands of the dead for jewelry. Through the Haiti Earthquake in 2010, looting happened to mainly orphanages that already possessed foodstuff and normal water. Armed men would deceive them many times.

What can be done to prevent looting from taking place so firmly during a tragedy? There are many choices that can be done to try and keep looting from taking place so seriously. One of the best options that New Orleans utilized after listening to advice from Katrina is the National Protect. In Fresh Orleans 3 years later following Katrina that they had another disaster but this time deployed the National Guard prior to the storm strike the area. This idea worked well much better than Katrina and avoided much of the looting.

Another option that is available is far more police officers. This is usually a tough task for towns because they are worked out so slender with the devastation and it can be tough to try and have more law enforcement officers but this goes with the national protect having mare like a presence assists deter the looting. One more thing that ties everything with each other better is definitely preparedness. I do believe that is crucial not only with looting however in disasters in general. When a community prepares that they allow themselves to have the assets and materials that are required when the devastation does happen. This helps with looting since there is a plan with how they can deal with the disaster after and before it takes place. Since poor social economical conditions generally increase the probability of looting after disasters, policies that improve people’s financial wellbeing could make poorer communities less prone when disasters hit. This is certainly something that is normally not regarded as when discussing looting and disasters although is something which is very important and will make a difference.

Disasters are events that disrupt our way of life and cause wonderful fear and turmoil. We also understand that looting takes place even more every time a disaster occurs due to the breakdown of world. Looting is a major offense that we observe being committed after a disaster has struck an area. As you can see from this paper looting happens in all types of unfortunate occurances and is certainly not limited to one type of disaster. Unfortunately in our contemporary society crime is really a part of might as long as we have disasters we all will have looting.

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