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Proving Adnan Syeds Innocence

Upon January 13, 1999 a girl known as Hae Minutes Lee disappeared. her body system was after found buried in Leakin park on February being unfaithful, 1999. Her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed was arrested about February twenty-eight, 1999 for her murder. The podcast Serial hosted by Sarah Koenig had been subsequent his circumstance and pointing out some sketchy things in the states story against Adnan.

Adnan Syed is blameless, theres barely anything that even connect him to her tough. And multiple things in the us case dont add up. Like Jays tale and how the constantly changing over and over again. Or perhaps the cell phone records, Jay promises they were one particular place but the cell phone is definitely pinging a cell tower miles aside. Or think about the fact the state has kept Adnan locked on with nearly 15 years all because of a no consistent history Adnans claimed “friend” told them.

Lets start with Jays history. “Jay said in his initial police interview that, after dropping Adnan off for track, he went residence to wait pertaining to Adnan to call to pick him up once practice was above. In Jay’s second law enforcement officials interview, yet , and in his testimony with the first trial, his tale changes. Jay claims that after dropping Adnan off by track practice, he attended Cathy’s house, where he strung out with Cathy and Jeff intended for half an hour or so, until Adnan called him to ask to become picked up”(TheViewFromLL2. com, Susan). So in the event that Jay isnt telling the truth and Adnan in fact did get rid of Hae, wouldnt he remember what this individual did that time much more especially?

Another peculiar thing about Jays story would be the cellphone records. Adnans call might Jay to come opt for him up happened by 4: 58pm and Jays first story made impression with the some the cellular tower, yet his second story about being at Cathys is extremely hard. The structure that was pinged is usually L654C which lines up perfectly with Jays house. However Cathys house is on the other hand of town and is entirely out of range. “As you can see, Jay’s house is easily in variety of L654C. Cathy’s apartment, alternatively, is absolutely not”(TheViewFromLL2. com, Susan)

Then there’s the state of Maryland thats fundamentally ignoring and overlooking numerous signs that they can shouldnt trust a thing The writer says. And theres no chance theyre that stupid, to jump right to the point ethnic profiling provides a lot to do with why theyve kept him locked on with all these years. Adnan can be American nevertheless the prosecution regularly calls him Pakistani. The prosecution as well points out a pattern of Pakistani men killing women then running the country. Today once again Adnan is American, he was born and raised in America. Its even recently been said that theyre scared to produce him in bail mainly because they think hell run off to Pakistan and live with his shady granddad who can really “make persons disappear”.

So to summary this headache of a trial, Adnan is definitely innocent. Hes been locked up for practically 15 years because of a stoners non regular lies. Unimportant and completely wrong phone documents. And because of his overseas ancestry.

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