What aspects of Lennie’s character make the death of Curly’s wife almost inevitable? Essay


We could gather a whole lot of informantion of Lennies Small’s earlier before the account begins. Lennie has apparently been human brain damaged at least seeing that he was a young child. When he was young having been bullied by children which include George Milton. One day George tells Lennie to bounce the Sacranato river and also to his scary Lennie in fact does it and starts to drown. George has to jump in and save Lennie and starting from then on a firm camaraderie grew.

The storyplot is set in the usa during the great depression. Lennie and George are workers who have just needed to run away from a Area called Bud because of Lennie. Lennie includes a passion to get stroking soft objects and he views a woman within the soft costume he approaches her and strokes this.

When the girl yells this individual just clings on in panic making matters worse. There is no sex intent about what he truly does but the people do not know this and follow Lennie and George who also eventually avoid by being under a great irrigation forget all day. Vehicle walking for the next plantation where they will likely apply for operate when the account begins. The one thing which is obvious straight away is Lennies childlike mannerisms.

To him George is more a friend, he could be almost a father. This individual tries to replicate him in every sense just like walking. “Even in the open a single still strolled behind the other”. He even attempts to model himself on George when he is definitely eating “Lennie, who had been seeing copied George exactly” This individual also uses emotinal blackmail several times to get his own way, very much like children.

When George is angry for having to stay with Lennie all the time and not go off by himself Lennie responds by stating “I may jus’ as well go away George and are in a cave”This makes George feel guilt ridden for yelling at him as he understands Lennie wouldn’t survive on his own.

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