What are the major risks Indien faces? As an independent gas and oil exploration and production business, Apache is definitely exposed to quite a few risks coming from price fluctuations in oil and gas markets. As we discover in the case, Indien has 80 percent of the proven methods in the United States, which usually puts the company at a disadvantage should petrol prices surge significantly. When ever oil prices rise, development tends to switch away from home-based sources, as oil is relatively expensive to extract in america as compared to in other places in the world.


Apache has also purchased several mature oil fields from larger manufacturers, and these fields tend to be expensive to extract coming from, since creation falls and extraction costs rise because fields adult. Since Apache is a bigger independent firm, they have continued to expand and increase their coalition and stores. As stated in case, their strategy has been to optimize production and minimize cost through raising exploration, development and purchases.

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The organization has also attempted to increase their non-domestic loge through attaining new international holdings.

When these loge might be cheaper to develop, they are really riskier inside the respect the reserves aren’t as verified and they bring additional risk in the form of politics uncertainty. Nevertheless , we see in case that Apache made acquisitions in 2001 of on the billion dollars, and also predicted spending a great addition $1 billion in capital expenditures by means of exploration. Simultaneously, Apache had also applied a new, limited hedging program centered about these fresh acquisitions.

The company was analyzing the success of the hedging software, and trying to determine whether or not the hedging should be extended to other activities inside the company. With these further risks arrive several inquiries. Is risk management valuable to Apache? Should Apache deal with risk, and just how should they begin doing so? Apache made their acquisitions in the last part of 2001, after seeing petrol prices move from a decreased of $11 a barrel in 1998 to a high of $27 a barrel in more recent years.

The value of you’re able to send new acquisitions depends on the price of oil, and unpredictability of oil prices may have a huge impact upon the stability of the business. Many coal and oil companies proceed through drastic changes as a result of fluctuating prices, which include massive layoffs and the causing losses of institutional understanding during lean times, and misappropriations of funds during times of higher olive oil prices. Hedging, as applied to oil and gas firms, works to ease the transitions among these times and minimize the unwanted side effects that shiifts in petrol prices can easily create to get exploration businesses.

Hedging can not only reduce the amount of equity that that oil companies have to support businesses, it can also improve the desirability of said firm, as outside the house investors observe hedging being a sign of managerial competence. When businesses hedge all their acquisitions and operations, buyers have more assurance in the organization as a whole seeing that these actions tend to simplicity the effects of rising and falling prices and signify skills on the part of managing. However , managing risk through derivatives has its downsides; the activity does take time and assets from management staff.

As well, while hedging can reduce losses which a company may possibly sustain much more falling prices, it also restrictions the amount an organization might profit in times of growing prices. Several investors choose an exposure to the risk that oil corporations incur, much like greater risk comes the potential for greater prize, i. electronic. profits. However , what we see in the case of Apache’s 2001 acquisitions is that the company was getting properties within a time of growing oil and gas rates.

Since the essential oil market was bullish at the moment, the company’s concern was that the properties could possibly be overvalued, since high market prices will inflate the price for said properties. If perhaps prices were to drop later on, Apache might have over-paid for the time. For this reason, a number of other companies select not to acquire additional real estate during times of rising oil rates; Apache rather chose to hedge their purchases in order to mitigate the risk of foreseeable future losses.


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