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The question here arises, why performed we have to come back to ancient viewpoint of virtue ethics? But interestingly although a great deal of credit is given to Aristotle and Plato, the modern moral philosophers such as Anscombe, Foot, Murdoch, Slote got mentioned in very specific terms the down sides they present in Aristotelian ethics. They must possess absorbed the writings of ancient philosophers since a whole lot is said about the ethical philosophies of the great thinkers in catalogs of modern philosophers, still the father of modern meaningful philosopher has not been blind towards the problems of following ancient terms and values. In the famous daily news on the subject, Anscombe wrote:

Anyone who has read Aristotle Ethics and has also browse modern meaningful philosophy must have been minted by the great contrasts between them. The ideas which are dominant among the moderns seem to be missing, or anyway buried or far in the back, in Aristotle. Most significantly, the term ‘moral’ itself, which will we have simply by direct inheritance from Aristotle, just won’t seem to in shape, in its contemporary sense, into an account of Aristotelian values. (p. 26)

Modern meaningful philosophy was thus more concerned with the breakthrough of a better system of browsing and judging ethics than the ones that had been prevalent at the moment. Anscombe’s philosophy doesn’t make an effort to expound a theory. This individual simply urges for a system that would enable human beings the benefit of doubt i. e. rather than judging their particular behavior relating to strict rules of deontology or utilitarianism; there would be a better way of determining moral value of your person’s activities and values. The main problem with modern moral philosophy, we could say, is the fact it doesn’t define its restrictions in defined terms. This is certainly clear coming from Anscombe’s finishing comments: “It is remaining to modern day moral philosophy – the moral viewpoint of all the recognized English ethicists since Sidgwick – to construct systems relating to which the person who says ‘We need such-and-such, and will only get it this kind of way’ can be a desired character: that is to say, it is remaining open to issue whether this kind of a procedure because the judicial punishment of the innocent might not exactly in some circumstances be the ‘right’ someone to adopt… inches (p. 44)

Virtue ethics is therefore an alternative to deontology and utilitarianism. Its main problem is the lack of boundaries but its confident elements includes its desire to seek alternative and build a better system of judging honest value associated with an action or virtuousness of your person.


GEM Anscombe. “Modern Ethical Philosophy” reprinted in Virtue Ethics. Roger Crisp, Eileen Slote copy. (1997) Oxford University Press- Oxford

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