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This is only an fresh research which is not medically proven by the experts; still we’re able to not get scientific data to provide evidence that it can certainly treat the deadly afectacion viral disease. This research aimed to know the dimensions of the benefits of tawa-tawa decoction into a dengue fever patient that showing a symptom of low platelet depend due to excessive bleeding. Nevertheless we encouraged the best fix for patients with clear manifestations of early on dengue symptoms is to search for immediate assessment and must not wait for the disease to aggravate.

CHAPTER one particular Introduction Afectacion cases have been expected to climb during the rainy season if prevention is not noticed. Dengue is a virus that transmitted by mosquitoes. Philippines are among the country that has many people perished because of melindre viral disease. Some Philippine people are employing tawa-tawa since herbal remedies which is native plant that is certainly considered as probably the most popular folkloric treatment pertaining to dengue. Also, it is known as gatas-gatas, is a hairy herb produced in open up grasslands, roadsides and pathways.

Tawa-tawa is useful for those who have Melindre fever. If this does not entirely cure the epidemic disease, at least it helps prevent or hold off the effects of Afectacion, that is, this lowers the platelet count of the patient’s blood. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY Afectacion is no longer a seasonal disease and everyone right now must be aware of its signs and indication.

To increased the amount of bloodstream platelet and prevent internal blood loss, even though tawa-tawa does not fight dengue malware. Instead, this only helps bring about the development of bloodstream platelets and softens the effect of the afectacion virus. Tawa-tawa has organic enzymes inside that strengthen the walls of the veins, preventing interior bleeding.

REASON FOR STUDY This study aims to propose a new treatment to improve platelet depend, which is normally achieved through platelet transfusion from blood donors. Rather, the study applied the remove of Euphorbia hirta, commonly known as tawa-tawa. The rose is believed to possess a real estate that raises platelets.

Tawa-tawa’s leaves to decoction, a method of extraction performed through hot. METHODOLOGY OPPORTUNITY AND RESTRICTION The Health office also cautions the use of hirta plant regionally known as tawa-tawa it is indeed effective, but should be taken with caution. Large amounts may cause stomach reaction, nausea and nausea.

Prolonged intake may affect iron adsorption. Not recommended for pregnant women.

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