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Effect of Community Policing About Crime Rates

Latest studies have shown that community policing, as a whole, has not been proven to result in reduce crime rates. (Sozer, 2008, l. 184). Rather, studies have got found that particular community policing activities, like the retraining of police officers, are actually correlated with bigger crime rates. (Sozer, 2008, p. 184). However , when looking at just large agencies in large cities, the study found a problem-solving alliance is associated with lower violent crime rates. (Sozer, 2008, p. 185). Sozer concludes that in more complicated social surroundings, the importance of collaboration appears to yield against the law reduction impact. (Sozer, 2008, p. 185).

Critique of Crime Price Statistics

Although the results of Sozer’s study are to some degree surprising, they may be not a definitive statement within the efficacy of community policing. Crime statistics suffer from a number of reliability and validity problems, which may possess skewed the statistics in this research. Crimes which usually go unreported, known as the “dark figure of crime, ” are not signed up in the Uniform Crime Reviews and only partially registered inside the National Offense Victims Study. In this case of community policing, the elevated interaction among community occupants and law enforcement officials agencies may well have triggered typically unreported crimes to get reported.

Regardless if community policing has genuinely not had a significant influence on crime rates yet, there are various other benefits to its execution. Even their most living critics declare that community policing appears to be effective in reducing the worry of criminal offense and in improving public relations. (Sozer, 2008, l. 184). This kind of observation must not be underestimated, while reducing the worry of criminal offense improves the quality of life in the community.


Law enforcement departments have come a long way from the traditional, reactive approach to policing. This comes from a identification that criminal offenses are often mere symptoms of bigger environmental factors in a community, particularly socio-economic conditions. This recognition are not a great surprise for most people. However , the fact the fact that police force acknowledges these elements is valuable in itself, and will go a long way to restoring public confidence in law enforcement.


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