United States as expansionist country Essay


America has been an expansionist nation since the pilgrims landed. Until the US set up them selves as a definite globe power, they had shown themselves to be a incredibly expansionist country. The imperialism of the 1900s may have got departed by past actions in terms of size and desire, but the fundamental reasons and drive pertaining to expansion remained the same throughout much of America’s history. Earlier expansion of the US comes with the Show Destiny-driven push to the Western world coast, the annexation of Texas, as well as the purchase of Alaska.

Around the close of the nineteenth century as well as the beginning of the twentieth, the United States was an expansionism; such events include the Spanish-American War plus the annexation of Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Vasto, and the Israel. The Spanish-American war was fought in Cuba and the Philippines the result of American intervention inside the ongoing Cuban War of Independence. The U. S. joined because of the Spanish’s treatment of the Cubans and they blamed Spain for the going of the USS Maine. The war just lasted pertaining to ten weeks; however , the U. T. gained Hawaii as the fiftieth express and received Guam, Desfiladero Rico and the Philippines since territories. At the moment, the U. S. was very jingoistic and believed they may just take the actual wanted (B).

This idea is what resulted in expanding outside of the ls U. T. The U. S. obtained Guam, Muelle Rico, plus the Philippines due to the Treaty of Paris in 1898. The U. S. as well gained non permanent control of Emborrachar, which somewhat still is out there today with Guantanamo Bay. The U. S. certainly received the good end from the deal. The dominion of Hawaii islands was sovereign from 1810 until 1893 when resident American business men overthrew the monarchy.

The hawaiian islands was annexed by the U. S. but did not be a state till 1959. The United States’ began broadening ever since the initial thirteen colonies. Every nation desires further land intended for resources and economic reasons. After the Usa had founded itself as being a world electricity, its expansionism did not end there, the then set its sights on the countries it searched for, in particular the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Hawaii. Not to mention that the other community powers weren’t picking and choosing the actual wanted too, Britain and Japan had been claiming all the weak areas they can on the other side on the planet (A).

America has also always been very considering its own economic system and ensuring no European countries such as Philippines and The united kingdom could dominate economically (C).

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