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“Public safety and assisting the offender in reintegrating into the community are definitely the most important things to consider in any losung decision. Is a inmate willing and ready to re-enter the community like a law-abiding resident and lead to a more secure society? Can your inmate’s relieve back into culture harm common people? All relevant information is considered” (General parole and probation questions, ” 08, Criminal Rules – Parole Probation, s. 3). This is in contrast to examen, which is a legal sentence forced based upon the size of the criminal offenses and is seen more regarding the degree of the convicted defendant’s culpability and mitigating circumstances regarding the criminal offenses.

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The parole board takes some of the same factors into account as a assess does once sentencing someone to a term of examen, such as the type and intensity of the offence, but as well considers certain personal factors, such as the individual’s time offered for the offense in prison, age group, mental stability, marital position, education or perhaps vocational schooling, behavior and habits in prison and efforts displayed at rehabilitation and embarrassment, and previous criminal history.

The parole table takes into account the inmate’s psychological elements as well as issues pertaining to the act by itself (General parole and copie questions, ” 2008, Criminal Law – Parole Copie, p. 2).

Thus, provided the need for the parole plank to take into consideration more psychological facets of the inmate’s life and critically evaluate the inmate’s the latest life history in jail, separating the two functions of parole and probation seems wise, even if there may be considerable overlap within their approach to considering the inmate’s character. People who have different types of expertise are required to make decision regarding examen and losung. A judge and examen officer may want to be well-versed in the legal system, however it is of extremely important importance which a parole officer know what to consider in an defendent that forecasts likely recidivist behavior, and what types of conditions should be located upon specific types of criminals to help these groups successfully changeover back into the community and become effective citizens.

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