United States as a white supremacist nation Essay


In the book, The Heart of Whiteness: Facing Race, Racism, and Light Privilege, perhaps one of the most significant statements the fact that author, Robert Jensen wrote, is “The United States of America at the outset of the twenty-first century-a 100 years and a half following your end of slavery, four decades following the passage with the Civil Privileges Act-is a white supremacist society. ” The affirmation, simply put, means that even if the length of slavery of blacks offers long concluded, the United States still remains a powerhouse not simply economically, noteworthy, and technologically, but as well in contest. It basically meant that during your time on st. kitts are folks who believe that racism has ended and people who welcome variety in competition, it is still evident, although anonymously and discreetly, in addition to systems that privilege white colored people a lot more than black people.

He declared that the nonwhite people still live substandard lives and are also stereotyped. Jensen pointed out that the main problem in every issues concerning race would be the white people themselves and in addition stressed that it is time for those to confront this kind of reality. His statements are well-supported by his personal experiences.

One of these he employed was when he attended an assembly where the audience had been mostly dark people in addition to which having been a panel speaker along with dark speakers. He recounted that as he contacted the scene and saw one of the black speakers, this individual suddenly couldn’t help yet feel better than him, though he acknowledged the fact which the speaker was obviously a smarter person than him and even though he knew from the speaker’s standing. In narrating actual his racism encounters, Jensen stressed that the historic acts of against dark-colored men or perhaps non-white males, has for some reason infused in the modern society, which is why white individuals have a tendency to still experience superior more than their nonwhite counterparts.

In person, I believe which the statements and ideas of Jensen had been factual. It had been an eye-opener for me and i also actually am seriously rethinking my thoughts about nonwhite people. References Jensen, R. (2005).

The Heart of Whiteness: Confronting Competition, Racism, and White Privilege. San Francisco: Metropolis Lights Books.

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