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The aging population in Singapore has been rapidly increasing in recent years, and it has possibly been projected that by 2030, you in 4 Singaporeans will probably be aged 66 and above. In order to adjust to elderlies’ requirements, it is essential pertaining to society to make certain our environment can be age-friendly. Consequently, we must work with further incorporating age-friendly elements into the urban environment and encourage our culture to adopt an open-mindset to an ageing society. Goal The aim of this paper is always to discuss Singapore’s progress in building a great age-friendly environment and the difficulties faced in creating 1. Scope We are highlighting the steps taken by the us government to create an age-friendly metropolitan environment through the financial, sociable and environmental aspects, and identify a single key problem that Singapore faces in doing so. Debate To fully understand the importance of an age-friendly environment, one should be able to 1st understand what that encompasses.

According to the World Health Company (WHO), it is where health, well-being and participation can be ensured intended for elderlies as they age. Characteristics include easy accessibility, equal rights, safety, supportiveness and inclusiveness. Support for the elderlies focuses on people-centred services to enable recovery or compensate for loosing functions, to encourage them to continue pursuing their passions. In order to develop metropolitan cities in to age-friendly ones, the WHO active getting older framework aims to enhance the lives with the aged by improving for the health, engagement and reliability aspects of culture. According to the criteria, an age-friendly city is definitely characterised by 5 factors. Firstly, it should recognise the wide range of skills among the elderly. Secondly, it must anticipate and respond to ageing-related needs and preferences. Finally, life decisions and different types of the older should be highly regarded. Fourthly, it should protect elderlies who are most weak in culture. Lastly, it will promote the inclusion of elderlies in all respects of culture. Singapore can benefit from having a great age-friendly urban environment. According to the WHO, when elderlies are supported by a cohesive system, family members feel more comfortable, resulting in decreased stress and worry. Companies are able to grow by tapping on the experience and connection with the silver precious metal workforce. In an effort towards creating a great age-friendly metropolitan environment, the government has performed numerous initiatives in the parts of housing, healthcare, employment and infrastructure. Senior-friendly homes had been created exactly where safety features are installed to help older persons manoeuvre easily and safely and securely around all their homes.

The government makes certain that the elderly have access to affordable and quality health-related, as well as casing through the provision of schemes and financial assistance. The Tri-generational Flat plan ensures that seniors can continue living with their children and receive emotional support, hence reducing the risk of remoteness (Loo, 2013). To inspire elderlies to acquire an active lifestyle, the Householder’s Association Wellbeing Programme sets up regular wellness screenings and exercise programs. Working isn’t just seen as a source of income for seniors but the way to have actively having a sense of fulfilment (National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center, 2017).

Therefore , the us government has executed the Pension and Re-employment Act which usually requires businesses to offer re-employment to their personnel till the age of 67, and has allocated grants to assist companies in creating a great age-friendly work environment. However , we have a key concern in building an age-friendly environment. A lot of residents openly express all their disdain intended for the elderly, and often isolate them from society. Their discriminatory attitude hinders senior homes from getting built because they refuse to cater to to the seniors (Seow C/o Yi, 2017). This places the government in a dilemma while both parties are essential, hence a balance must be thoroughly reached to be able to satisfy their very own differing requires.


Therefore , creating an age-friendly urban environment is important pertaining to Singapore’s progression as a whole. As well, as residents of Singapore who within their younger days and nights have contributed to building this nation, that they deserve to peacefully appreciate their days and nights as elderlies happily and worry-free. By having a cohesive framework to get an age-friendly urban environment, it rewards both the present and foreseeable future generations of Singaporeans. Through considering the difficulties and tips mentioned, Singapore can potentially be a more age-friendly environment. Recommendations In order to accomplish an inclusive community that is accepting both the aged and a great age-friendly environment, a change of mindset is important through general public education. A great way to achieve this is always to teach about consideration and compassion towards elderlies in school (Mehta, 2013). If young ones, who would be the future of each of our society, learn about the importance of getting considerate on the elderly, they will carry these types of values with them as they age. Besides merely improving their elders, schools can show students to be more compassionate and accepting of elderlies, and just how they can help shape Singapore into a great age-friendly environment.

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