Critical review of the plastic pink flamingo a

The Plastic material Pink Flamingo: a Natural Background


The Pink Flamingo

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In Jennifer Price’s essay, “The Plastic Lilac Flamingo: An organic History, ” she uncovers her upbeat view of United States tradition by comparing the characteristics of the iconic green flamingo to the mindset of american citizens with allusions to additional cultures and descriptive diction.

Price’s parrallelism for the effects of the flamingo and mindset of America can be clearly demonstrated with ethnical allusions. While Price shows her hope and view that the era is being reborn she alludes to the associations of the flamingo, “Early Christian believers associated this with the reddish phoenix. ” Jennifer Cost includes this unique example to emphasise the relation between two birdsflamingo and phoenix. From her viewpoint the flamingo, which presents Americans, is being reborn out of your ashes, while the Phoenix az is known pertaining to. The increasing from the ashes refers her previous the flamingo’s existence and color was “just right for a generation, raised in the Major depression, that was ready to commemorate its new affluence. inches Price’s ethnical allusion to Mexico as well as the Caribbean the flamingo “remains a major motif in artwork, dance, and literature, inches further stresses her look at of the United States tradition revolutionizing it is education. People in the usa are understanding, exceeding, and developing all their artistic talents, bringing to life a boldness that “the people who were living near these types of places have always singled out the flamingo while special. inches Surrounding countries and are currently taking notice with the unique features “flamingos” have to offer.

The synonymous diction and features of miscellanous objects will be manipulated simply by Price to hint at her way of thinking of American culture. Her humour is noticeable in her opening statement, “[The flamingo] staked two major claims to boldness. First it was a flamingo (italicized). inches The choice of a flamingo was already bad in the first place. Price’s replication of the phrase “boldness” accompanied with “flamboyant, ” “extravagance, ” and “wealth and pizazz” are timely placed to get the reader to imply her views on the present culture. Selling price saw this as a gleeful, jubilant party for all citizens of America. Unlike the Gilded Associated with America which in turn provided fascinación in order to face mask corruption and scandal, the pink flamingo “splashed” in to an “oasis of instant riches. The other bold claim, as Value describes, was your choice of color. Her rhetorical questioning in the last paragraph focuses on the importance of choosing a color that “stands out in a desert even more strikingly than on a garden. ” Price’s hope in the bold rebirth can be deduced from her contrast that American traditions is more expensive because of the financial travesty it had been in befor. Price elaborates on her values with her specific adjectives to describe the boldness of pink. “Passion pink, sunset pink¦, inches Price views the traditions of the United States together with the “passion” to overcome and the “sunset” that ends an “old-fashioned” era to start with “forward-looking ” into the prospects of the future.

Price crafts her watch of American culture with subtlety. Her casualtone when writing about the magic of the Lilac flamingo parrallels to her view of a trend in America. The turning point and beginning of an upward climb all condensed into the reveals of a striking pink flamingo.

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