morality in queen vs dudley and stephens essay


1 . When it comes to Queen versus Dudley and Stephens, was your killing of the cabin son, Richard Parker, morally wrong? Relate the answer to one or more of the subsequent ethical hypotheses: Aristotelian integrity, Hobbesian ethics, Utilitarianism, or Kantian ethics. Be sure to provide a summary with the main points of the theory, and also drawing away its significance for the situation.

In the case of Dudley and Stephens, the homicide of Rich Parker can not be justified to be morally allowable.

Our culture functions upon certain basic principles, one being that there are several things that are forbidden, that one actions or measures can never be appropriate due to their character. Murder is an action which qualifies as being fundamentally wrong, it can by no means be stated that murder may be the right thing to do, since no matter the circumstance, murder is at no way a morally allowable course of action.

Although it is true that all of the team members would most certainly have died if perhaps Parker was not slain, that may be still not enough reason to acquire permitted the murder.

Even if the son had been consulted on the subject and he had subsequently approved his permission, the work of homicide still cannot be justified. You cannot find any situation thus dire (excluding warfare and self-defense) to warrant the voluntary taking of another human being’s life. Even though the crew got already gone numerous days and nights without any form of nourishment, tough was still not the proper intervention. The son was around death, and perhaps if they had continued to wait just another time he would possess died normally, and then they would have used his body.

This standpoint of murder by no means being the proper decision is usually supported by Aristotle’s theory of “virtue ethics”. His theory states that individuals should live our lives in respect to rules of advantage and values, and this will lead to an attainment of happiness. Aristotle says that not all of our activities should be desired, as a long amount of anything refuses to bring happiness, but rather we need to live into a mean among evil and morality. He believes that through our ability to reason and choose our actions we will reach that mean position and balance our lives to a stage of happiness. While the theory does enable us to choose some activities which are not moral


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